Monday, December 21, 2015

The Angelina Bag

I recently tested this Angelina Bag, by Imazz Patterns. When I first saw the photo of her bag I thought it had an interesting look with all those zippers on the front of the bag. It's a very stylish looking bag and intriguing with the zippers, which essentially is just a pocket, but it allows you to unzip any of the zippers for access to the contents inside the pocket. As a tester for a new bag sometimes I might hit a few bumps along the road and have to try and work it out a different way for the bag to come together. I made some mistakes that were my own and there was also a problem of a measurement that wasn't correct. Imazz ending up making a second bag to see what I was talking about and found an incorrect cutting measurement, which of course she corrected! It's things that happen like this which is the reason that bag designers need people to test their bag designs and work out all the bugs before they publish their pattern.

I managed to adjust a few things on the bag so that it turned into a bag and not just a pile of sewn pieces, LOL!!! Aren't you glad that if you purchase a pattern from Imazz or other designers, that the item was tested and changes were made so you can just follow the instructions and sew? It sure made me use my "little gray cells" as Poirot would say.

I showed this bag to some of the women in my sewing group and they thought it was fabulous looking. I think so too. If you would like to make this bag you can purchase the pattern from Imazz Patterns Craftsy store or Etsy store. The introductory price is only $4.99! That's a great price! Click on the link so you can see the beautiful bags Imazz made. The black and white version and the purple and pink version are both gorgeous!

I usually decide on the fabric first when making a bag, but since I needed several zippers to create the front pockets, I decided I better look at the zipper colors first and see if I had enough zippers in certain colors in order to make this bag. Since I had enough zippers in off-white to brown colors, I chose to use those zippers. Then I had to find a fabric that would look good with the zippers. It turned out that the fabric I chose is perfect for this time of the year. Very winter looking. Okay enough blabbing from me. Here is my Angelina bag:

I added some coin charms on the zipper pulls.
I had a zipper for the back of the bag that was long enough, but it was a very wide zipper. I used it but in doing so I wasn't able to make the concealed flap over the zipper work quite right, so my zipper is exposed and not concealed as in the pattern. It still works fine.
I also chose to sew my zippers using a decorative zigzag stitch, rather than a straight stitch. 

Because of the incorrect measurement I cut on the exterior of the bag bottom, the lining bottom turned out a bit baggy. It won't show once there are things inside the bag.
I sewed a pen pocket in the center of my slip pocket.

This was my mistake here. I misread the instructions and made my zipper in the pocket piece instead of the main lining piece. So I ended up with the zipper in the center of the pocket. I ended up turning this into a zippered pocket with a slip pocket behind. The zippered pocket should be part of the the main lining piece!  Well no one's perfect, LOL!!! This is an optional pocket anyhow.
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  1. thanks a lot Daryl! I love reading your comment/review and I chuckled a few times reading your sentences...the way you explained about your mistake ( and of course mine too!) is somehow so funny! well..we are all humans and making mistakes is a proof we're not perfect.
    your bag is so winter-looking. the fabric soft colors reminds me of cozy quilts in country cottages.simply lovely!

  2. I admire how you are able to adapt on the fly/zipper. This bag really does feature zippers and I like your zig zag stitching. Great job dear...

  3. Of course you did a fabulous job making it, but I'm not sure how I feel about the pattern itself. I think I would have to try using the purse to see how much I liked it. The colors are soft and look great together. I'm just not sure how I feel about all the zippers. I think having some sort of closure to protect the inside of a bag is nice I just wonder if treading the tie through the little loop would bug me after a while. Its always good to see the huge variety of purses and totes you test so I can get a better sense of what I like in a bag. thanks for sharing.

  4. I will be making this bag after the holidays. Thanks for pointing out your issues...I will be on alert. Turned out beautifully.

  5. Very cool looking bag with all the zippers...great job!

  6. You must own the most beautiful bags ever because you are always making them. Love it!

  7. What a beautiful bag Daryl......inquiring minds are wondering how many different ones you have!!! Merry Christmas!


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