Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fabric Vase With Embroidered Stitches

I had done some machine embroidery stitches on a black fabric a few months ago. Not actually sure what I was going to make with it. Then I got an idea to turn the stitched fabric into a fabric vase to give to a sweet friend of mine. There are several photos below to show the 4 sides of the vase and see how it looks on each side. A lot of the pretty stitches ended up getting cut off or sewn into seams, but that's what happens when you aren't sure what to do with piece in the first place.
I created 2 pieces of fabric with machine decorative stitches and couched yarn. I cut one of them up to create the fabric vase I made below.
I added several hot fix crystals to the vase on each side.

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  1. Oh, lovely work as usual, Daryl! You already know how much I admire your fabric vases and the customized embroidery (and gems) that you've added to this one is fab - especially how it shows up against the black background. Lucky giftee!

  2. WOW Daryl, what a difference from the made fabric to the finished vase! You may have lost some stitches in the seams and such, but I think they show off even better now. Adding the crystals is a perfect touch detail. I love how this fabric vase looks!

  3. I really like that! Amazing how the case turned it

  4. Here you have created another beautifully unique work of HeArt.. The addition of crystals really add to the allure of the decorative stitchings and draw the eye in very close to see it all. Brilliant Creative Bliss Dear...


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