Wednesday, December 2, 2015

African Collage Vest

I made this vest about 17 years ago in a class I took from Rosemary Eichorn, who wrote the book entitled The Art of Fabric Collage: an Easy Introduction to Creative Sewing. That was long before I started blogging, so I never took photos of it. I didn't have a digital camera then either.

On Tuesday, Val of Val's Quilting Studio, has her weekly Linky Party to rejuvenate your old posts on your blog and she chooses a theme. This week's theme is Zebras. The only thing I have ever made with zebras on it was this collage vest, so I needed to get photos taken of it in order to post it. So this isn't an old posting, but it is an old vest. Anyhow, I am happy to share this vest I made with you now.
This vest can be worn with either the right side of the vest over the left or the left side over the right and pinned in place. Like this or... this.
This is the back of the vest.

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  1. Your collaged vest is timeless! I love your detail stitching on the elephant. Isn't it fun to review things we have made previously? Great share.

  2. Right!! I love it!! My kids in second grade would get a kick if I wore it! So glad you got this one archived on your's got style!

  3. 17 years ago. That seems so long ago, but when I think back to what year that was and what I was doing at the time it seems like yesterday. I love the vest. I especially like Aftrican wildlife. Your vest has held up pretty well over the years, a tribute to the quality construction.
    xx, Carol

  4. So much work, Daryl. It is beautiful.

  5. great job on the vest, I love the theme. I think the elephant is my favorite. its like a much better version of "where's Waldo" you can get your grandson to find all the animals. As usual quite the inspiration.


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