Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Scrappy Knit Baby Blanket

I wanted to use up some misc. yarn I had, so I decided to knit a baby blanket. The stitch is a mock rib stitch (no purling), and since most of my yarn colors were dark, I knew they wouldn't look so good just knit side-by-side, so I knit 4 rows of white in between each dark knit section. This blanket looks nice on both the front and back sides too. I started off with the wine color as that was nearly a full skein of yarn, and I knit for a while, and then most of the other yarns I just knit until they were all used up and came back to the wine colored yarn and knit that color at the end too. I didn't block the blanket because I didn't want to stretch out the mock rib too much. I really like how thick this blanket feels and I might just make a larger one using other leftover yarn I have too.
This is the front side of the blanket.
This is the back side of the blanket.
The front of the blanket.
The back side of the blanket. You can see the yarn where the colors change has little dash lines on the back side. I like how that looks.
Close-up of the front side of the blanket.
Close-up of the back side of the blanket.
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  1. This is a wonderful way to use all that yarn and create something beautiful and practical. My Grandma would do this and then the afghan would be "Jacob's Coat of Many Colors". Creative Knitting Bliss...

  2. I don't know if I've ever used a mock rib stitch before, it looks great and I love your color choices. the hint of white really makes everything pop.
    great job

  3. Nice job, Daryl. Must be fun to change creative avenues like you do...sewing, quilting, knitting, container and bowl making etc, etc etc...

  4. Very pretty! Great use of those leftover yarn pieces! Do you have to use circular needles for knitting a blanket? I've only done scarves, but it seems like you can't possibly hold an entire blanket on a pair of straight needles, can you? Thanks!


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