Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bella Bag #1

I made the Bella Bag, designed by ChrisW Designs for my daughter. A friend of mine had given me a woven wool poncho that had fringe on the bottom. It was a nice poncho, but when I put it on it was rather itchy. My daughter had wanted me to make her a Bella Bag in brown corduroy, but I didn't have any corduroy at the time. She definitely wanted a dark brown bag though and then I got the idea to use the brown poncho material to make the bag. So I washed it first to felt it slightly and then cut out the pattern pieces. The wool sewed nicely, but got thick in certain areas, especially the straps around the swivel hooks. So this is an upcycled or re-purposed or even a green bag, I suppose.  I am really pleased with how this bag turned out. Oh and daughter loves it too. (Thanks Tara for the poncho; it made a great bag!)

I had been wanting to make the Bella for quite a while and I am glad I finally bought the pattern. If you love this bag too, you better buy the pattern soon, because Christine of ChrisW Designs said she will be retiring it soon. Really Christine? It's too great of a bag to retire it!

I am currently sewing my Bella #2 for myself and will post that one after it's finished.

The Bella Bag front.
Side view showing one of those great side pockets, which is perfect for daughter's phone.
Zipper pull I made for the zippered pocket on the back of the bag.
Back of the bag with the zippered pocket.
Inside slip pocket with label. I made this Bella Bag for my daughter.
Interior pockets: includes a zippered pocket with a slip pocket behind it and another divided slip pocket across from it. I divided the one pocket to include a pen pocket and I slipped a pen into that pocket and a small notebook into the other as you can see.
The front has a nice large pocket and a flap tab closure.
I added a stacked button on the flap tab.
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  1. Your daughter should be so happy! I love felted wool bags, and what a great idea the recycling of your poncho! The inside and details are perfect, bleu and brown association is one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you Christine. My daughter loves blue and brown together too.

  2. This is one of my favorite patterns from Chris W Designs. I was surprised, too, that she is retiring it. It is so cute done from the poncho. Lucky daughter!

  3. Hope your daughter realizes how lucky she is with such a talented mom! Extremely nice bag, and I love the idea of the repurposing... you might have sent everyone running to their closets now!

    I recall telling someone that Bella is the only pattern of Christine's that I purchased and made two of - and that I typically see such fantastic results for - as right here. I've asked her about the "retirement" - hope to hear her reasoning soon.

  4. What a super way to upcycle the poncho. The bag turned out great! I'm sure your daughter will love it and get lots of use out of it.

  5. I love your finishing details - handmade button, your TLC mom label.
    When i use wool like this, I've had to whack the seams a bit with a hammer in order for them to become slim enough for my sewing machine.

  6. I love the color and texture of the wool. It's perfect for that bag. Beautiful job as usual! I love the lining fabric too.

  7. What a fabulous look Daryl! Love the paisley lining too and the loving little touches you added.

  8. Really great details on the bag. Love the double button and the fabric texture. Fun Finish!

  9. Lovely bag - especially with the personal touches you've added. Thanks for linking up with Prairie Sewn Studios - that's where I found your post. :-)

  10. What a great bag! Love all the personal touches you added :) Thanks for linking up at the Talented Tuesday party!!


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