Sunday, May 31, 2015

Manhattan Miss Bag

I made the Manhattan Miss Bag, which is the April bag in the Bag-of-the-Month Club. I made the Manhattan Mamma Bag first, which is larger than the Miss. You get both sizes in one pattern. The designer of this bag is Janelle of Emmaline Designs.

A few years ago I used some Shiva Paint Stiks and some textures and rubbed the paint on a piece of fabric with the textures underneath the fabric. Then I quilted the fabric with some variegated thread. I had planned on making a simple zippered bag with this fabric. But it sat for years. Then I wondered if I had enough to make the Manhattan Miss size bag with this quilted fabric. I cut out the pieces I needed, but didn't have enough fabric for the flap, so I decided to create a crazy quilt sewn log cabin style pieced flap and used several decorative machine embroidery stitches too. I didn't want a zipper in the flap like I made in the Mamma size, so I instead added some decorative lace trim around the flap. I also had to do a few things differently, since I had quilted the fabric with a backing fabric, it was in essence already lined, but I needed to bind the raw edges after I sewed the pieces together.

The Manhattan Miss is a nice size bag for someone wanting to carry just a few things or a perfect size bag for a child or teenager.
Manhattan Miss with crazy quilt flap and lace trim.
Painted fabric with paint sticks and textures and quilted with variegated thread. 
Variegated thread and decorative machine stitches on the crazy quilt flap.
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  1. Ii like this bag. Did you make it for yourself? So much work went into this!

  2. you did a great job. I'm not a huge fan of lace so for me that didn't add to the bag but I know most people would love it. I like how you added the piecing fabric to the flap. I learn so much from looking at your work.

  3. Love your fabric made with paint and variegated thread, Daryl. I think that would be a technique that would be fun to try.

  4. This is so fun! I'm amazed at the craftsmanship! You're so right, this is the perfect size for a child or teenager! Heck, I want one for myself! Thanks so much for sharing your talent at the Talented Tuesday Link Party!


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