Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Companion Carpet Bag

I finally finished my Companion Carpet Bag, which is the January bag from the Bag-of-the-Month Club.  (You can still join if you click the link to find out about it) Normally I did sew most of the bag right away, but had to wait until the bag frames I ordered arrived. Meanwhile, my favorite sewing machine that can sew through thick layers, was in the repair shop for 3 weeks, so I didn't even start the February bag. Then I tweaked my back and couldn't sit long and was not in the mood to sew because of the back ache. Then to top it all off a dear sweet friend of mine passed away last week! I finally finished this bag the last day of February.

Okay onto the bag. I chose to use some 70's fabric that I had which I love. I had just enough fabric to make this bag. I accented the bag in black. I absolutely love this bag! Thanks to Samantha Hussey for not only designing a great looking bag, but so functional as well. I love how this bag opens up wide. The pattern has 2 sizes to choose from. The 8.5" and the 12". I chose the smaller bag and it's a perfect size. Like the other bag makers of this bag have said the hardest part was getting the frame back together once you slipped it into the fabric channels. I purchased a slightly different frame than most used, which has pins that screw in and it took me over 30 minutes trying to wrestle the second set into place, but I finally got it, whew! You can see other versions of this bag at Samantha's blog, showing the tester's versions here. Plus if you want to view even more bags from all the Bag-of-the-Month bags so far, you can go the the Flickr Pool here. Keep checking Flickr as more bags get added frequently and we still have 3 more bags from 3 more designers that we haven't even seen yet until they are released.

Okay now on to my photos~
The front of the bag. I added jumbo yellow rickrack instead of piping to the front pocket. The pocket in front closes with a magnetic snap. The pocket does cover up that large flower section of the fabric here on the front of the bag, but you can see the back of the bag with the flower in the photo below.
This is the bag of the bag. No pockets here, although you could add a zippered or another slip pocket if you want to. I love the look of this 70's fabric, which you can see better here on the back of the bag. 
The side view of the bag.
I made my own handles out of black cotton fabric, rather than the leather or faux leather handles that were suggested in the pattern. I sewed on jumbo black flower buttons at the base of the handles and added a smaller yellow flower button on top to add a bit more color and bling.
I found some cute charms that said handmade in the shape of a hand. So I added that on my bag too.
Inside the bag is where all my crap, useful things fit nicely. I made one pocket like the pocket on the front of the bag and divided it with a pen pocket. The other side I made a zippered pocket with a slip pocket in front of it. So in my bag there are a total of 6 pockets. But you can add more or less as you desire.
Another side view.
View of the front again with a bit the other side view too.

This bag sold on 4/22/18.
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  1. So bright! (And love all of your additional bag bling!) Are you going to be carrying this one now??

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is an awesome, groovy bag, Daryl! :) The colors are SO vibrant and alive--they're a welcome sight for someone used to the snow and ice.
    I like what you did with the handles--just perfect.

    I'm sorry for all of the setbacks you have had lately. I hope that you are on the mend and feeling better.


  4. Daryl, Your bag turned out beautifully! Love the vibrant colors!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy! You are a no-reply in case you didn't know it. Your comment was actually sent to my spam box.

  5. Wow, very mod, when I first looked at the bag I thought the opening looked very small and then I scrolled down and saw how it opened! I love the opening its deceptively wide. the little touches of the buttons and ric rac are very cute. I love all your bags but I admit I'm too intimidated to ever try to make any of them they seem too hard. if you struggle with some parts of it then I don't stand a chance. I love seeing your bags, thanks for sharing. great job!

  6. You've really got this bag making thing down solid...cute and bright bag!

  7. Daryl, thanks for letting me know that mine is no reply, would you see if the change I made is correct and it now works? Thanks!

  8. Wow, your colors are bright and I love them! I'm probably no-reply. I've tried to fix it but it doesn't seem to take. No worries.

  9. This bag is beautiful! I love all the colors...I'm needing some vividness(is that a word?) with all this snow we've been having! I have hope for brighter warmer days ahead! Thanks for sharing your bag and BOM club...I'm loving it!!


  10. Beautiful colors, the outside is just as cute as the inside of the bag. I like everything about this bag. Thanks for sharing and for all the information and inspiration that you give to us in each of your post.
    LOVE this bag :)


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