Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweet Curacao Knit & Felted Bag

I had a lot of wool yarn in just one skein or less, so I wanted to make something with it and decided on knitting a bag that I later felted. After looking thorough some patterns I had, I decided on the Sweet Curacao Bag, which is a free pattern by Valley Yarns. I used the brown Sheep Wool that I had on hand. I felted it in a front loading washing machine on hot heat and fast spin cycle. I only ran it through once. Sometimes I need to wash it in the front loader twice to get it to felt enough. You can still see the stockinette stitch even though it's felted. If I had washed it twice I think you would see less of the stitch. However, I liked the size it was after one washing. I was so glad I kept it this size, because a while back I knit a bag using batik fabrics and I made a lining for the batik bag, but it ended up not fitting. I guess I didn't measure or calculate correctly. So I set it aside thinking one day I would make an exterior bag and use the already made lining. I remembered the lining grabbed it to see if it would work and it did! Yes! I didn't have to make a lining and because I had used a headliner foam in the lining, the bag was more sturdy. I am pleased with the results of this bag.
The bag is knit and ready to wash in the washing machine to felt.
Close-up of knitting before it was felted.
The bag after it was felted in the washing machine. You can still see the stockinette stitches, but the felting made the stitches tighter and blend better together.
The lining I added, including some slip pockets.
This is a nice sized bag. Not too large and not too small. Perfect for knitting projects.
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  1. Absolutely wonderful, very nice colors!

  2. You are so talented, Daryl. The pre-made lining works perfectly.

  3. You are so talented, Daryl. The pre-made lining works perfectly.

  4. What a great use of your left over yarn!

  5. Love the mix of yarn and fabric. Those handles are super cute too.

  6. Super cute! I love it! This reminds me that I started knitting my mom a bag to be felted (a couple years ago...).. it might be time to get back to that~

  7. What an adorable bag!! And what providence that the liner fit! Awesome!

  8. How neat that you can still see the stitches after felting! Beautiful!

  9. Oh my god, that bag is gorgeous. I love the colors and appearance of the wool after the felting. Really awesome. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.
    Sensational creation!!!!!


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