Saturday, March 21, 2015

A New Link-Up & Up Coming Blog Hop Info

I am a follower of Prairie Sewn Studios. Laura has come up with a new Link-Up on her blog, called Crafty Karma Comment. I just read the blog post about it (click the link) and it sounds like a fantastic idea! I agree with all that Laura had to say and I know you will too. I know we all love a good link-up so show off what we have been creating to others who might not have visited out blogs and also to find new blogs that we hadn't heard about before. So many times we just pop over and have a look-see, but don't leave a comment. A comment can really make someone's day, but I know how we can also spend so much time on the computer that we don't have enough time to create, lol!!! Laura's idea to leave a comment on just 3 blogs to spread the good Karma is a great idea. We might not have time to visit every blog or to make a comment, but if you choose 3 blogs, and hopefully everyone will choose 3 at random and not just the first 3, so that the love gets spread around more equally, then it will be a fun link-up for all.

I was the first one today to add a posting to Laura's link-up. So how about you? Won't you stop by Prairie Sewn Studios and link up something today and cheer Laura on in her new adventure.
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Plus don't forget the blog hop Laura has planned for April. There are 6 of us participating in the blog hop to promote the year anniversary of Laura and Linda's Contain It! book. The blog hop will start April 13th-April 18th. I will be the first one to show what I made from the book (oh the pressure!), so be sure and mark your calenders and visit each blog. The schedule is below~

April 13 Daryl Perry of Patchouli Moon Studio Patchouli Moon Studio

April 14 Debbie Voigt of Around the Strawberry Patch Strawberry Patch Quilt Works

April 15 Christa Watson of Christa Quilts Christa Quilts

April 16 Andrea Taddicken of Knitty Bitties Knitty Bitties Sews

April 17 Terri Schurter of Hexy Lady Hexy Lady

April 18 Ren Murphy of The Inspired Wren

Blog Hop

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  1. The link for the new link up isn't working.

  2. okay the last link in your post for the crafty comment is working

  3. Thanks for the link of this lovely blog, I participated to the party!

  4. OK, I'm going to go check this out. I try to leave comments on just about every blog I read. It only takes less than a minute!! Really!!
    xx, Carol

    1. Carol I really appreciate your comment, but I was unable to email you back a reply. Blogger has gone wacky and not only do I not receive an email of your comment, but it doesn't even show up in my spam box either. At least I can read those comments here. I guess you have to have gmail in order for comments to arrive in my inbox. I hope Blogger fixes this, but since we cannot contact them to let them know this is even happening, it's unlikely unless a real techy blogger can offer a tutorial or something on how to deal with it?

  5. Catching up on blogs from being on vacation and just got to this! Thanks SO much for posting this Daryl. I'm hoping this commenting and community building will just keep going!

  6. Catching up on blogs from being on vacation and just got to this! Thanks SO much for posting this Daryl. I'm hoping this commenting and community building will just keep going!


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