Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Knitting Failure...What Happened???

Last July I started knitting a vest/tank top called Sea Vines by Fleece Artist. I love their knitwear patterns and this one looked great. The front and back are both knit exactly the same. I was pretty sure I was following the directions correctly. The fact that it took me months to complete this, since I did not knit on it regularly, I still made both the front and the back the same. If somehow I interpreted the instructions differently for knitting the front side for instance, then the result would have been different. Everything worked out well below the underarm, although I see even my knitting pattern doesn't look the same. It's above the underarm where it obviously doesn't look right. My underarm looks different, the neckline is obviously not correct, yet was it me or really bad directions? I went over and over the directions and I do not see that I made a mistake. I think the directions were missing something. Yet when I went on Ravelry there were several projects made of this vest. So I don't know what happened to mine. I might rip it out and try and redo above the underarms, or just sew it into a pillow and cut off the top part, or add some crochet to the neckline to see if that helps??? I am at a loss as to what to do.

Here is what this vest is supposed to look like on the left and mine is on the right:

This is the back, which is the same as the front. See how the neckline is so droopy? Look at how low the front neckline is. I would be arrested if I wore this out in public without a shirt underneath it, lol!!!
Even my knit pattern looks different than the pattern on the instructions. I like how this looks, but the photo on the instructions does look more like a vine. What went wrong?
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  1. First of all, I'm not a knitter so my comment may be totally worthless. ;-) My Mom was a terrific knitter and she always mentioned 'gauge', so I'm wondering if that was off. Your knitting looks much 'looser' than the example. Does that make any sense? I sure admire those of you who can knit!!

  2. Wow! That's crazy! Maybe you missed some decreases somewhere? Sometimes, the way the text is printed on a pattern my eyes just glance over something repeatedly because maybe it's printed too closely to the one before and my brain processes them as one (if that makes sense?) Maybe it runs large so they knit it smaller and then blocked it? OR did you somehow miss a row and from there on continued, somehow being out of pattern and maybe decreasing along the wrong edge (like the arms look like they're pulling back like there should be more decreases there, whereas there are obviously too many in the neckline itself). Maybe something got left out on the pattern printout, if that's how you were following? Can you tell I've made lots of WTH mistakes?

  3. It happened to me as well several knitting failures recently! I can tell you that most of the patterns are not good nowadays. I used to knit a lot in my youth, and at that time the patterns were more accurate. But never mind, your vest looks better as a style than the original pattern!

  4. There are so many patterns (free and otherwise) that are error riddled!! I too have had a few recently that don't make sense or match what the pattern says it should look like. My bet is the pattern has an error in it and it's not you. It's beautiful yarn; you could use it for another project. What's the sense of keeping something you won't wear when you can reuse the yarn; that's what I do.....frog it and use the yarn again!

  5. I had this happen once as well, I would have to see the pattern to try to figure out what happened. My guess is that the pattern is not written very clearly. you are a very good knitter so I really think the problem is the pattern. Sometimes mistakes can be an improvement but it can be frustrating as well. I agree don't wear it in public without a shirt under it.

  6. Oops...I do see a difference. Since I do not knit very well I wouldn't have any idea what happened. However now that is has...I would get artsy and use ribbon to draw up those front and back necklines. And I would wear it with a chemise in Summer or as you show for cooler weather. So sorry this happened to you. Happy Spring Dear...


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