Friday, January 24, 2014

The Uptown Girl Bag

I tested this bag for Christine (Chris W. Designs). Christine had a name-this-bag contest and just chose the name Uptown Girl. The instructions call for you to make it from pleather, real leather or other faux suedes or faux leather materials or you can make it out of regular cotton fabrics too.

Christine's instructions are always excellent! I chose to use a lightweight denim with a contrast print cotton for the exterior and a home decor print for the lining fabric. I went to a local store to see what kinds of faux leathers they had out of curiosity, but then I remembered that one of my new goals (or resolution) was to use fabric I already have in my stash this year and not to buy any new fabric! So I turned around and marched out of the store! Then I went shopping at home, lol!!!

I love the size of this bag because it's not too large and not too small. I would have named it the Goldilocks Bag, lol!!!! There are pockets inside on both sides that you can divide any way you choose, and the divided zipper pocket in the middle that is so cool. The recessed zipper on the bag is so slick to make. I really love those pocket on the gussets; it's a great place to put your keys or phone or pocket tissues. Since there is a pocket on both sides you can put those things that you really need to get at quickly there.

Okay enough blabber from me and now on with the bag photos~
I used a cotton print for the contrast fabric and the rest is a lightweight denim material.  I chose to make my straps with a D-ring and the denim fabric, instead of using grommets.
I like this patchwork print and the little blue in it matched so well with the denim fabric.
I like to make and use zipper pulls for my zippers. 
You can see the pockets on each side of the bag lining. I like making a pen pocket to hold my pen and a small pad of paper fits nicely in the pocket beside the pen. The zipper pocket divides the space between the other 2 pocket sections and of course you have room to put whatever you want to put in the zippered pocket too.
Another zipper pull I made with a blue and yellow bead to match the lining fabric. I had this yellow zipper with the metal teeth already on hand and since it was yellow and long enough, I used it. It's much easier to sew a nylon zipper on the zipper ends that is.
Pockets and my label on one side of the lining.
Pen pocket and pockets on either side of the pen pocket.
The recessed zipper. 
Pocket on the side gusset. There is another pocket on the other side too.

Looking down into the gusset pocket.

Check out the other testers and the lovely bags they made too. They all look a bit different because of the various fabrics they used.
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  1. Lovely bag, and I really liked the zipper pocket in the middle.

  2. Very nice job, Daryl! The contrast on color with the fabrics you used makes it look great. This pattern is so versatile.

  3. I knew your fabric choices would be bright and beautiful and you deserve a medal to be able to walk out of the fabric store empty handed, amazing will power LOLLL The blue is gorgeous and matches the contrasting fabric perfectly. I love your tabs too, ours were pretty similar.

  4. Great job Daryl - and good for you finding a way to make it from stash :)

  5. Very nice bag, I like the denim fabric. Looks like a really great pattern, I especially like the two gusset pockets.

  6. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  7. Very nice bag ! If I made bag patterns I would choose you to be my tester too ! Your a very good tester !

  8. WOW! I love the GORGEOUS print of the inside, so well done Daryl! Way to go and not give in to your New Years resolution too :) :) Enjoy your Saturday.

  9. so very pretty with a bit of style as well. I love little bags like these
    come see what we shared at

  10. Hi Daryl, I love your bag. I really like the combination of fabrics and colors.
    I like a bag like that with soooo many pockets ... all the details are perfect! A winning bag undoubtedly!
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!!
    Marisa from

  11. I too love this bag. You do the most amazing sewing Daryl.


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