Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fabric Wallet

My daughter needed a wallet and I told her I could make her one. In fact since I just made her the small Savannah Bag, I said I would make the wallet using the same fabrics I used for making her bag. I ended up using a hand dyed brown fabric as the exterior, since I thought it would work the best. I didn't want to use the batik print with the palm trees for the exterior of the wallet because it was a directional print and the the trees would be upside down on the flap as it closed. So I decided to use the palm tree print on the inside of the wallet. I will make another wallet with some changes, as I perfect this design a bit.
I appliqued a paisley on the flap and hand embroidered it too. My daughter loves paisley and so do I. The purple is a velveteen fabric and the olive green fabric was a fabric that had some machine embroidery on it already and it is some kind of shiny polyester fabric.
4 credit card pockets and the last one in the back is for cash (folded cash).
I wanted to add a coin pocket under the Velcro, but it got too thick to fold properly..
My daughter likes smaller wallets like this size and I do too.  Neither of us haul around a checkbook, so we don't need those larger wallets that hold a checkbook. The bigger the wallet, the bigger your bag has to be too, right?

I put the coin pocket on the back of the wallet instead of inside the wallet because it worked better here.
I never see those linty pieces when I take the photos. How come they show up later? Lol.  Oh well my daughter has this  wallet now, so I won't be doing any photo re-shoots.

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  1. your daughter is so lucky, what a beautifully designed wallet, of course all your added touches make it unique and beautiful. You have so many good ideas about how to incorporate applique and embellishments to really make something pop.

  2. The wallet turned out so nice.All the fabrics are so pretty together.

  3. A great wallet, Daryl. Such pretty embroidery you've done on it!

  4. Very pretty wallet. Love the fabric choices too.

  5. The wallet ist so cute and I love paisleys too, you'll see soon ;-)
    Beautiful paisley you've made!

  6. Ohh I love it. Will you adopt me so I can receive one jus tlike

  7. Love the wallet! Looks great! Stopping by from Sew Darn Crafty Linky Party :) I make bags too! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations.
    Shelly Jack

  8. This wallet is adorable!!!!! I really love it!!!! I want one like this..... is so cute!
    Marisa from


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