Saturday, June 29, 2013

Knit Scarf...Well Almost...

I finished knitting the scarf I was working on. It's a blue and purple variegated yarn I bought last year when I went on the Farm and Fiber Tour in Edgewood, NM. It's a fingering/sock weight yarn. I knit a diagonal lace pattern. It needed to be blocked, so I put it in the bathroom sink to soak in some hair conditioner. I love to use hair conditioner to wash/soak my knit items in before blocking. Not only does the conditioner make it feel soft, but it really conditions the wool fibers too. I only use natural conditioners that have really good ingredients and essential oils instead of artificial fragrances because the chemical fragrances make me feel sick. I have chemical sensitivities so I do not use mainstream products. I buy my health and beauty products from natural food stores, food co-ops, Whole Foods and places like that.
Here is my knit scarf soaking in the hair conditioner.
A little of the blue dye has been released into the water.
Looks kind of pretty soaking in the water that turned blue.
If you didn't already know this was a knit scarf soaking in a sink of water, what would you think it looked like? It looks a bit like an aerial view of an island and the pretty blue ocean and the white to the right looks like a cloud. I'm always looking at things with an artistic eye. I see patterns, shapes, colors, textures in everything.
I'll be posting the finished blocked scarf as soon as it is dry and I get a photo of it. So check back soon.

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  1. Good morning,
    In the thumb nail photo on my list the picture looks like a bowl of shiney beads. I started to read the first 3 lines and had to open the link wheather I wanted to or not because I just couldn't tie knitting to the picture I was seeing. Funny you should ask the question.

  2. the blue color reminds me of the sea, its a refreshing color during this horrendous heat wave.

  3. Hair conditioner!!!!!!! I'm always learning something new when I visit your blog. Blues and greens are my favourite colours.

  4. Yep - it looks just like a soothing photo of a nice tropical beach somewhere - wish I was there hehehe!!! Great idea using the hair conditioner - thanks for the tip!

  5. I learned some new, I had no clue or knew that hair conditioner would be a fantastic product for this, WOW!!! Daryl, I'm sorry but I don't know much about knitting so I apologize for the silly questions but what is blocking and the reason for the conditioner besides softening the fibers? Loved the last photo, it sure looks like the ocean from a plane view:)


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