Monday, June 24, 2013

Pillow Cases

My daughter was given 2 queen-sized pillows recently, so naturally I would make her 2 pillowcases. I looked through my fabrics to see what I had and what I thought my daughter would like. I needed enough fabric for 2 pillowcases too. I came across this fabric that my good friend Tara had given me when she was getting rid of some stuff she no longer wanted. It was perfect for my daughter because she loves these colors and she loves designs from India. Thank you Tara!!!
I took one pillow home with me to make the pillowcase and make sure it fit properly.

Because this fabric had a border print already, I didn't need to add a contrasting fabric at the opening side.

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  1. The pillowcases are beautiful; I especially like the fabric your fabric choice.

  2. Those are really the fabric!

  3. Great pillowcases! Love the fabric.

  4. That fabric is just perfect for pillow cases. Beautiful.

  5. Lucky daughter, they are so pretty. I love the fabric. That was a sweet thing for you to do. Hugs

  6. WOW! the fabric is fantastic! Beautiful pillow cases Darly! Have a fabulous Monday:)

  7. wow! the fabric is really perfect as pillow cases.. you might need to make a new quilt for her to go with the pillow cases.. heheh..

  8. You have found the perfect use for the fabric. Great job and the pillows are beautiful. I love how the border part of the fabric played out perfectly.


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