Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watermarking Your Photos

Connie from Free Motion by the River wrote a tutorial about how to watermark your photos for your blog. You might want to check it out. I had watermarked some of my photos several months ago, but because it takes time to do each photo I had stopped doing it. As Connie and others have pointed out, you should watermark so when people pin your photos on Pinterest or other sites, it gives you credit and prevents theft of you photos. So after reading a lot about watermarking and theft lately, I decided to start watermarking my photos again.

I had also wanted to piggyback on Connie's tutorial and tell you that in addition to the site she uses, there are a lot of other sites that are free that you can download for doing the watermarks, cropping, resizing your photos, etc. If you have the Paint Program on your computer, you can use it to watermark, crop, resize and more. This is the program that I use as it came with my computer. Some programs out there are easier to use than others. I downloaded one and it went through more steps to watermark than my Paint program did. So try one of the free programs that are out there and see if you like using it. If there are things you don't like about the program then try another one until you find one that suits you.

It certainly takes a lot of work to create a simple posting on a blog and if it's a tutorial, well that's hours and hours and even days to create a good tutorial. So when bloggers offer you a free tutorial, please realise how much of their time goes into creating one and leave them a nice comment. It only takes a minute to leave a comment. Comments are akin to an audience's applause. When a blogger knocks themselves out writing up a tutorial to share and they don't receive any comments it's sort of like being an actor (singer, comedian, etc.) on a stage and no one claps at the end of their performance. Comments are what keeps a lot of bloggers going. Plus you make a friend in the process.
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  1. Thanks for the reminder that watermarking is a good idea. Something I need to at least consider doing!

  2. Thanks. It's laziness and lack of time that stops me from doing it.

  3. Well said!!! I have never watermarked my photos, but I need to try to learn to do that. I read Connie's post about it but it looked like so much work, I didn't act on it. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. The watermark is a great idea and like you Daryl, I started doing it but do to time I also stopped doing it but now that I have a watermark that I had created with my new blog, I really have to get to it:) The watermark would definitely be a benefit to us when our projects are pinned! Thanks for the reminder and have a fantastic weekend!!

  5. There are two things that I want to say, one is thanks for the link to the site Free motion by the river, I did discover a beautiful place that I love. The second is that I agree with you that it is important to make the water marks in our photos, but we must admit that it takes time, but it is something that should be a routine because is a great way to protect your work!

    There is a third thing I want to say, is that I also agree on the importance of receiving feedback, we work hard to create the tutorials and when we receive comments, it is an unspeakable pleasure, as you say is what keeps us going.
    Thanks for this nice post. Marisa.

  6. Thanks so much for the link to my tutorial and your sweet words! Can you tell I'm behind in my blog reading? Watermarking does take a little more time but is worth doing with more people using Pinterest and not linking correctly a watermark will help find your blog.


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