Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh Look What I Bought Today!

I was at the store this morning and just happened to see this cute tape dispenser! It actually comes with stick-on rhinestones so you can add some *bling* if you want to dress up this cute high heel (or should I call it a stiletto?) I'll probably gift it to my daughter. Neither of us have ever worn stilettos. It's sure cute for tape, but I'd never wear shoes like these!
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  1. Even if I wanted to wear shoes like this I'd never be able to walk in them. LOLLL

  2. I love those tape dispensors, my girl friend has about 3 in different colors.

  3. First look - what on earth is Daryl up to then read it was a tape dispenser.. Mum would not like it as Scottish - shoe/s on the table meant someone was to walk out the door...They may not necessarily be still alive...I still don't do it but more for dirt/hygiene reasons..

  4. I never saw a tape dispenser like this, I find it an original idea. I like it because it is feminine.
    Really cute!

  5. I love this and I do wear shoes like these still lol


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