Monday, September 3, 2012

More Flannel Pajamas

Flannel pjs for Zane (1)
Here is the finished top and the bottoms again too. I made these for my grandson.
flannel pjs for me
I made these pj's for myself. I had to pin the pants to the dress form to take the photo. Do they make pants forms? Maybe for men? I don't think I've seen any before.
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  1. Cute PJs. Reminded me that I have a pattern for some and have never made them. Another project!!

  2. Lovely bright colours for those cold winter days.You did a good job Daryl.

  3. OMG! such cute jammies Daryl, love thse pink ones:) OMG! I also bought a tape dispenser but the purplish one with glitter so cute and fun to dsiplay huh?? I hope you had a fantastic long weekend with family!!

  4. These pajamas are beautiful! I love the colors. They look also comfortable, you made me remember the time when I made ​​pajamas for my kids. If by chance your pajama is large for you, I can send you my address to send it to me, because I love it! Marisa.


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