Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playing Dolphins Quilt

Dolphin quilt (2)
Playing Dolphins. I made this quilt top over 12 years ago and just recently finished quilting and binding it. I think my daughter will be getting this one as she wanted it when I first started it. But now that my husband has seen it, he thinks he wants it. We'll keep it until my daughter's birthday next month, then I'm sure she will be hanging it on her wall.
Dolphin quilt (4)
Closer look.
Dolphin quilt (3)
I quilted the dolphin blocks each a bit differently.
Dolphin quilt (1)
Closer look at this dolphin.
P.S. This was from the book Go Wild With Quilts Again by Margaret Wolfe. It is not paper-pieced. Pin It Now!


  1. Wow!Really good dolphins! It's a good thing I'm not there, or you would have 3 people wanting it.

  2. Daryl, this quilt would really be nice here in Florida. I like the way it is quilted.

  3. Daryl, what a beautiful art quilt! They are perfect dolphins. That will be a wonderful surprise for your daughter after all this time..

  4. Better late than never Daryl. It's amazing. I've never seen dolphin blocks before. Yours are so life like.

  5. Daryl, I love it, I collect dolphins.. There is a big joke at my house. I went to Mexico and swam with them and when someone new comes to the house, I ask, Do you want to watch the video" My kids tease me about it ........ This is a fabulous job, can you share the pattern???

  6. All I can say is: I loooove it! What a beautiful creation!

  7. Beautiful! Finished is GOOD! Now your family can enjoy it.


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