Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach Bags

Beach Bag I made, even though there aren't any beaches here in New Mexico, it's a great roomy bag.

This was the first beach bag I made. I used a home decor fabric which made a nice bag.  The pattern is a free pattern from Jen Eskridge, a woman who used to be a member of a small quilt group I belong to before she moved away from New Mexico. Great pattern Jen, thanks! Visit Jen's blog Reannalily Designs.

Side view of pocket.
I made this beach bag to give to a woman I know who runs a no-kill cat shelter. The fabric Is called Scaredy Cats. It's a Halloween fabric of cats with witches hats on.  
Tote bag made with home decor fabric.

 I made 2 more beach bags (above) and added these photos on
7/14/11. I gave this bag to my friend Tara.
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  1. i LOVE these bags. this is a great size, its big and can hold a lot but its sturdy so items won't fall out. i like the outside pockets and the way you made the handle so it grips well. the colors are so fun. all around a real winner.
    keep on toting

  2. Oh I love the way you made these bags. They look so great!!

  3. Lovely bags - and thanks for posting the link to the pattern. I am always on the look for free patterns!


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