Friday, May 19, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #27 & #28 for 2023

I made a couple of Happy Scrappy Selvage Flappy purses for Sew Powerful. I have been slow in sewing these purses this year as I haven't made many, but I have cut out 329 purse kits since the year began, so I have 301 purses to sew up now. 

I have been busy testing for bag designers and sewing quilts too. I have a lot of purses sewn in various stages and I also went overboard sewing scrappy fabric postcards and scrappy hearts (plus stamping quotes onto the back sides of them too) to include into each purse I make for the girls as well. That really took up so much time making those cards! I made over 300 of the hearts alone! I haven't counted them all yet as I have a few more to finish, so once the postcards and the hearts have been placed into each purse, I think I will pass on making any more of those! There are people who just make cards, so they can make mine once I use up all that I have made.

I added a slip pocket on the back of the purse.

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  1. Love the selvages purse flaps! Cool idea, Daryl!

  2. as always wonderful. i too am a fan of anything made from selvages. the girls will adore them


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