Friday, May 26, 2023

Pan Protectors in 3 Sizes

Around the Bobbin has two new patterns out now. This pattern is Pan Protectors (in 3 sizes) and the Itty Bitty Bowler Bags (that I also posted today). Both are on sale right now, using the Coupon code of NEW30 to get 30% off Friday through end of day Monday (midnight CST 5/29/23). Why not grab both patterns now while you can get the discount? Both the Pan Protectors & the Itty Bitty Bowler Bags would make great gifts for any occasion!

Here are the ones I tested. I used 2 fabrics, so they can be reversible too. These are such a quick sew and so very useful too!

This is the fabric on one side.

Pots & pans all stacked up with the Pan Protectors doing their job and protecting them from getting scratches.

The yellow side is up on 2 of these sizes. Stacked like this they look like a flower.

Just the pans here (I took the pot in the other photo off) so you can see them in action and how they fit.

2 sizes here.

All 3 here, but with the yellow side in the middle this time.

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  1. I love the colorful fabric you used for these!

  2. these are so handy and making them out of fabric is a wonderful idea, i've just seen felt ones before. love the variety of sizes, great job as always


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