Friday, November 4, 2022

Mini Iron Storage Case for Mini Oliso Iron (or other small travel irons)

Hello all you ironing buffs. I tested this Mini Iron Storage Case for Around the Bobbin patterns not long ago and now the pattern has been released to purchase as a pdf or paper pattern and it's on sale for a very short time too. Scroll to the end of this post for the discount code of 30% off! ( On sale for a limited time.)

This iron case was designed to fit the Mini Oliso iron, but it will work for any travel sized iron too. I do have the Mini Oliso iron and another travel iron, so I took photos of both irons so you can see how each fits into this case.

The instructions are great, as usual and pretty easy to make too. I chose to use a batik fabric and a purple grunge fabric for my storage case. Now you can store your travel iron in style when you go to a class or retreat or to sew with a friend.

Be sure to check out the other tester's versions too, here.

Here shows my Mini Oliso iron with the silicone resting mat inside the Mini Iron Storage Case.

And here it is with the drawstring cinched closed.

The side and the bottom of the case looks like a boot.

I used batik fabric and a purple grunge fabric to make my case.

A side view of the iron in the case.

I also have a Dritz travel size iron and it is smaller than the Mini Oliso iron, so it doesn't take up as much room inside; but this case does work well for this Dritz or any travel sized iron.

The Dritz travel iron inside the cinched iron storage case.

The coupon code is MINI30 and will be on sale from Friday through Sunday (CDT) for 30% off the pattern (PDF or Paper). Buy the pattern here.
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  1. Pretty fabrics for this little iron travel pouch.

  2. That's very cute, Daryl!! I love my mini Oliso!

  3. that is adorable, it does remind me of shoes Chinese women wore a long time ago that had bound feet. thank goodness that isn't done anymore. It fits your travel iron perfectly, great job.


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