Thursday, October 20, 2022

Portable Pockets a New Pattern From Around the Bobbin

Hello my sweet friends and followers, Around the Bobbin has just released a new pattern called Portable Pockets and I was delighted I was able to test this one. Or should I say three as the pattern includes 3 sizes.

If you pop over to Lisa's Blog, you will not only see all the tester's versions of Portable Pockets, but Lisa lists lots of ways you can use these adorable zipper pouches. I might also add to her list of 12 suggestions, that I would use a Portable Pocket or 2 to hold some of my knitting tools to be easily found in my larger knitting bag. 

Lisa also includes Bonus instructions for adding a waist strap to the large size pouch to turn it into a waist bag too. Or you could add a wrist strap or a cross body strap if you want to also. Such a versatile little bag(s)!

Plus the pattern is on sale for a 30% discount, use the coupon code PP30.

The coupon code is good now through Sunday, Oct. 23rd, midnight CST.  

Here are my 3 Portable Pouches in Batik fabrics inside and out, plus there are mesh pockets on the back of the pouches too!

Small-medium-large Portable Pockets, each with a zipper pocket on the front. You can add a keyring if you like to the tab on the left size, which I did on the small size.

I love this batik fabric and I made each size with a different colored zipper that picks up the colors of the batik print.

The back sides of each Portable Pocket have a mesh pocket that is divided in half.
 For the small size, I added a Kam snap instead of dividing the pocket as I thought it would be too fiddly and too small to get your fingers in those pockets in order to get out what was placed inside, so by adding the snap, the pocket can open fully to retrieve the item(s) inside the small size mesh pocket.

Interior batik fabric.

And when not in use, they nest inside of the larger Portable Pocket.

I know I will find lots of useful ways to use these Portable Pockets. They are quick and easy to make too. I cut all 3 and sewed each step one after the other so all 3 were done at the same time. 

Happy Sewing!
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  1. love these and the mesh is a nice touch. doesn't everything look better in Batik! great job as always

  2. These are so cute! I love the mesh on one side too. :-)

    1. Thanks Sandie! Your comment came in through my blog, but not my email, so not sure what is going on with that?

  3. These are darling and love the fabrics that you used. Don't you just love little bags and pouches? Have a great weekend.


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