Thursday, April 4, 2019

Companion Carpet Bag in Scottish Wool

I made this Companion Carpet Bag (pattern by Mrs. H) last year and it sold at a craft show I did in November. It is made of Scottish Wool in a red, white and blue plaid.

I love this bag and have made several of them. The bag opens up so nice and wide and has an internal metal frame. I do my handles differently from the pattern.

Companion Carpet Bag in Scottish Wool. There is a slip pocket on the front and back of the bag, which is perfect for keys in one pocket and your phone in another.

She has such a wide side.

The back of the bag also has a slip pocket.

Open wide! See how wide this bag opens! You can really see all you have in here, even with this bright red floral lining, lol! I added a zippered pocket and a divided slip pocket.

I dived the slip pocket with a pen pocket in the center.
I will be making a few more Companion Carpet Bags because I have about 6 more frames left.

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  1. love the surprise of the glorious flowers on the inside and you give a hint of the internal color with the red binding on the outside pocket. Its so practical the way the internal frame makes the bag open so nicely. wonderful job as usual, love all the pockets.

  2. I have pattern and frame, just need to decide on fabric and make one!!! I love the plaid on yours.

  3. That is beautiful! I love the bright inside. I’ve had so many purses with dark interiors and it makes things so hard to find. Red is WOW!

  4. Love the blue, wool exterior, Daryl. The bag certainly does open wide - no losing anything.

  5. Your bag is lovely. When I was growing up people often had tartan woollen blankets like this in their cars to use as picnic rugs. They were thick enough that prickles didn't get through and you could sit almost anywhere. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


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