Monday, April 29, 2019

Tulip Purse

I recently made this Tulip Purse (a pattern from Anything But Boring) using a fabric that looks like denim blue jeans with crystal bling. I added some real crystal bling to the bag too. This is called a 2-hour bag, but it takes longer than 2 hours to make from cutting out to sewing; at least it did for me.  I used foam stabilizer in my bag instead of batting or fleece, which gives the bag more structure and stands up better. I made the large size (there are several sizes in the pattern). I added a magnetic snap closure to the bag instead of a loop and button closure or flap as was in the pattern. I also added a zippered pocket on the back of the bag.

This bag sold at the outdoor quilt show my quilt group had yesterday. I brought quilts and bags to sell there and I did sell some things, mostly my bags, but a few smaller quilts too. No table runners though and I thought those would be something that would sell. I never know what will sell. Maybe the runners will sell on Etsy or at the November show I do. I will be adding some things to Etsy now that the show is over.

The straps and binding of the pocket is a faux cork material.

I added some crystal bling to the front at the edge of the pocket and in a few other places on top of the printed fabric bling.

Back of purse with a zippered pocket.

Front has a slip pocket.

This bag opens wide for easy access.
Inside is a slip pocket.
I divided the slip pocket on the left side to hold a pen.
This bag has SOLD.
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  1. you are making me a huge fan of using foam instead of batting. this shape of this purse is fantastic. you did a great job and i'm thrilled that this sold for you. i'm not surprised a jean lover snatched this up especially with the added bling. great job as always. if it took you longer than 2 hours i'm sure it would be more like 2 days for me.

  2. Love the idea of dividing the slip pocket for a pen!

  3. Daryl, I love everything about this cute purse!! I think I may have to hop over and pick up that pattern! Do you use the soft and stable or the headliner from Joann's? And WHERE did you find this adorable fabric? I do love my bling!! Thanks for sharing, Daryl!

  4. This is a real cutie and functional, too. Love that fabric!


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