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Singer 301A Vintage sewing Machine FOR SALE

I am selling my Vintage Singer 301A sewing machine. She is a beauty and I hate to see her go, but I have 4 other machines and I don't sew much with her anymore. I mainly used her to take to quilt classes, but I mostly sew at home and I have 2 machines that I can take that aren't too heavy if I do take a class. So rather than take up space sitting there, I would love to see her go to a good home and be well loved and used.

The Singer 301A is a slant foot machine and this one has the longer bed too. It's the dark tan color. For the same reason that the vintage Featherweight machines are so loved, this machine is so similar to the Featherweight and produces the same great straight stitch. It is lightweight and portable like the Featherweight, just slightly heavier at 16 pounds. But in my opinion the Singer 301A is better than the Featherweight for several reasons that I will list here:

1. 301A has a retractable handle, which is so great to be able to lift the machine to carry. The Featherweight does not have a handle and after you have used the machine and need to lift it, you can literally burn your hand due to the heat from the light heating up the machine. I know I had a Featherweight at one time too.

2. The light is superior on the 301 also. There is a light switch which is nice and the light is better housed in the machine (see photo of light below).

3. Not all 301 machines for sale come with the zigzag attachment. That attachment alone can cost $35-$50 on Ebay. Plus included are several other cams to create different stitches besides just the zigzag stitch, so an even better deal these are all included with this machine.

4. The 301 uses the same bobbins as the Featherweight and I have included a lot of bobbins, 21 total bobbins!

5. I purchased the 1/4" foot for piecing quilt blocks, but even so there is also a  1/4" line on the plate. The Featherweight doesn't have that marking.

6. To wind the bobbin there is a separate thread pin to place the thread on to wind the bobbin, so you do not have to unthread your machine to wind your bobbin! The bobbin winder is superior to the Featherweight machine too.

7. With the longer 301 bed (not all 301's have the longer bed) it is nice to have the extra space.

8. The 301 is an all metal sewing machine and a workhorse that can sew through thick layers and even thick leather!

9. You can lube and oil your machine yourself and the instruction booklet shows you how and where to oil and lube. This will save you a lot of $ not having to take it to be serviced to be lubed.

10. It's a simple sewing machine that does one thing extremely well and that is to produce a beautiful straight stitch.

11. It comes with a hard suitcase like case that is very durable, but alas very heavy too. If you take this machine to class, you will want to carry it by the handle of the machine or put it in a rolling sewing machine cart to transport. That is one thing the Featherweight has is a nice small case.

12. This 301 comes with several feet too. including the standard narrow sewing foot, 3 roll hemmer feet, the 1/4" foot I purchased separately, a gathering foot,  adjustable hemmer, 2 multi-slotted binders, and the edge stitcher foot.

I could sell the feet, zigzag attachment with the cams, and case separately and make more money than selling it all together, but I would rather the buyer get all the extras to make his or her sewing experience a much nicer one. This is a great little machine and it's so true they don't make new machines as heavy duty or with as much attention to detail as this little machine. The instruction booklet is very informative and has so many detailed illustrations, making it so nice and easy to understand how to use a foot or sew a hem.

$200 is what I am selling this 301A Singer sewing Machine for. The shipping is $75 because it is very heavy. If you are local (Albuquerque, New Mexico area) then no shipping cost. Still, even with the shipping cost you are getting everything a vintage Singer Featherweight has and more features that I already listed above for a lot less money. Featherweights sell in the $500 range if they include the case and feet.

Here she is:

Vintage Singer 301A long bed sewing machine.

Retractable carrying handle. Pull it up to carry.

Handle is pushed down in this photo.

Side of the machine where it plugs in.

Back of the machine.

A few little dings at the back. Not too bad considering how old this girl is!

The bobbin case is located where the bed of the machine lifts up.

The bottom of the machine. You unscrew this to access inside the machine where you lube the machine. I will give you the remainder of my tube of lubricant too.

The Singer emblem.

This is the light unit, located under the Singer sign located on the front of the machine. The black knob on the right, is the light switch knob.

All of this is included with the machine.

Cams for 4 stitches to be used with the zigzag attachment.

Presser feet and lots of bobbins, 21 bobbins in total.

The instruction booklet. I taped it with acid-free tape to protect it. 

The zigzag attachment with 4 cams of stitches (plus the other 4 cams) for a total of 8 cams, although one cam is a repeat of the same stitch. 

2 slotted binding feet and an adjustable hemmer foot.

3 rolled hem feet, a gathering foot, edge stitcher foot and a 1/4" piecing foot.

The standard narrow foot.

Top of case.

Case that the machine and accessories fit inside of.

The foot pedal slips into the metal unit that holds it securely inside the case and the cord wraps around the metal unit above. Okay my wrapping the cord isn't as neat as it could be, lol!

Zigzag attachment and 4 cams.
Please email me if you have questions or would like to purchase this Singer 301A machine. $200 + $75 shipping (USA shipping only). I will email you an invoice to pay through PayPal. Local (Albuquerque, New Mexico area) can pay cash and no shipping. Thanks for looking.

The Singer 301A has SOLD! 
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  1. Is the machine still for sale? I am interested and will be in New Mexico in April.

  2. Daryl Dear I was drooling all through the text. You had me madly trying to figure out how I could possibly buy this little sweetie. Then I see SOLD. She will have a ver good new home.

  3. Someone got a great machine. I LOVE my 301A and I agree, I like it much better than my Featherweight.


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