Thursday, February 8, 2018

Good to Go Messenger Bag (small)

Made another small Good to Go Messenger Bag (free pattern from Andrie Designs that comes in small and large). I used the same Hawaiian print fabric as the other small messenger bag I had made, but on this one I chose to add a red fabric for the flap. I like the contrast of the flap on this one.

Inside there is a zippered pocket and a slip pocket.

Side view to show the depth of the bag.

I added a divided pocket on the back of the bag. Perfect for placing your phone in one pocket and your keys in the other pocket.

Back pockets looking down on them.
$40 + shipping. Email me if interested or you have any other questions.
Small measures:
  • Width – 9″ 
  • Height – 7 1/2″ 
  • Depth – 3″ 
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  1. Beautiful bag Daryl! Would you recommend the pattern?

  2. You continue to create wonderful bags that are ready for using and being organized. Happy Valentine’s Dear...xo

  3. the messenger bag is my favorite style of purse, and of course like yours they must have an adjustable strap. I love the colors very tropical. when the nice red flap is lifted you get to see a surprise of flowers on the yellow fabric. great job it looks very roomie and practical to use.


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