Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bernina Overlocker/Serger 1150 MDA FOR SALE

I bought this Bernina serger a couple of years ago and have not used it much at all. I don't sew clothes anymore and I rarely use the serger for anything other than keeping the raw edge of fabric from fraying before I wash fabric or make quilt backings that I piece together. I thought I would use it more for other things, but I haven't, so rather than letting it take up much needed space in my sewing room, I would love to see it go to a good home.

I looked up on Ebay to see what these machines have sold for. You cannot look at what they are asking, but you must go to the sidebar on the left side and click on sold listings, (not completed listings because some may not have sold, just that the time was over for the listing). There were 3 of these Bernina 1150 MDA machines that have sold and the average cost was $532 + shipping. They sold for $510, $513 and $575, so the average is $532.

I am selling this Bernina 1150 MDA for $500 + shipping (USA only). It comes with everything in the photos below, including the cute little zippered pouch I made and appliqued "serger" on one side.

This serger has seen very little use and is in excellent condition! If you are interested in purchasing this serger or have questions about it, please email me. I will email you an invoice through PayPal for payment. Shipping will be figured when I know where you are located and can better quote you a shipping price.  If you are local (in the Albuquerque New Mexico area) then cash payment and no shipping costs.

I am listing the information here on my blog and directing others here from Facebook groups and my local quilt group, so that all the information and photos will be in one place.

This is the whole package: the serger, user manual, foot pedal and zipper pouch holding all the tools you see in the photos below

I am including this zippered pouch I made to hold the extra items in, like the large screw driver, spool caps, etc. All the stuff I have in these photos that are not inside the serger.

All these tools and such you see will be inside the serer zippered pouch.

The back of the machine.

Inside with the 2 doors opened.

The extra tools that will be inside the zippered pouch.

Any questions? Please email me and I will get back to you ASAP.
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  1. I can't believe you're selling this serger. I love mine and use it often. I use it when I make purses and bags. Baked potato bags and on the rare occasion I make a quilt., I serge the edges before applying the binding. I also have my grandma's singer 302 like the other machine you're selling. But I understand space constraints. These are both good machines and will make a new owner really happy.


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