Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ethel Tote

This is the Ethel Tote, a free pattern by Swoon. It is easy to make and a roomy bag. It calls for using a foam stabilizer like Soft and Stable, which allows the bag to stand up on it's own. No flopping or drooping!

There is a divided pocket on the front of the bag. Nice place to put your phone in one pocket and your keys in the other pocket for easy access.

The side as you can see has some depth to the bag.

View from the other side.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap. There is a divided pocket on one side of the interior.

I added a zippered pocket on the other side of the interior. So there are 5 pockets total on this bag.
If you are interested in purchasing this Ethel Tote from me, email me. $40 + shipping.

Or you can make your own by going to Swoon and click on free patterns and then on Ethel Tote.
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  1. Oooo, pretty! I love the shape of this!

  2. Very pretty bag! The leather tag you sewed on is a nice additional touch to all the other wonderful features!

  3. I am “Swooniing” over this BLUEtiful purse. I have not ever used the soft and stable foam yet I like the structure it gives to the bag. I really like your personalized leather tags. <3

  4. Ethel is a beauty - I love her shape :) The zipper pouch you added is a good touch - very secure for safety :)

  5. The foam stabiliser makes such a difference to add structure. I've only used it once, and very happy with the result. A great looking bag, Daryl.

  6. love this bag, the fabric is fantastic and works perfectly. the shape of the bag is very appealing as well. I appreciate the zipper pouch as well. Great job I am sure this bag will be very popular and aren't we all lucky that its a free pattern too.


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