Thursday, November 16, 2017

Simple Clutches

I wanted to try making several of these Simple Clutches (Imazz Pattern) because there are 8 different flaps to choose from. I made 6 of the flap styles here. You can buy the pattern with the 8 flaps for a few dollars or make one of these for free with her free Simple Clutch pattern (only one flap style). These are easy and quick to sew.

Here I used the same fabrics, but notice 2 different flaps. You can add the wrist strap or not.

Again, I used this hot air balloon fabric. I made several bags using this fabric for selling some things during the October annual International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. Not everything sold though. I had to cut the balloon fabric so that the balloons didn't appear upside down! So I decided to sew just the flaps in balloon fabric and use an accent fabric for the rest of the exterior and wrist strap.

Opened up you can see the lining fabrics.

Here are the first 2 clutches I already showed and a clutch I made by painting with Shiva Paintstiks and texture plates. The painted one sold quickly.

Painted clutch.

Lining of painted clutch.

Here is the back so you can see the painted textured design better.

Lining fabric to the first 2 clutches. 
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  1. Daryl, these clutches look wonderful. Love your variety of fabrics. How fun your painted fabric is! Not surprising that one sold so quickly.

  2. Most interesting look with the painted fabric! You really should feature a "how to" in one of your posts - once you're done with all this assembly line making, of course. ;-) By the way, is that a typo or is it really called "Painstiks"?

  3. Your collection of clutches in assorted fabrics and flap styles is wonderful. How fun the Paintstiks fabric sold. I admire your ability to make sew many possibilities to satisfy any person’s style. <3

  4. these are fantastic, and I'm not sure which style I like the best. All one color, 2 tone are both lovely, various flaps all great and of course I like the strap for holding it. I immediately looked up the pattern which lead me down the rabbit hole so now 1 hour later I'm back to your website. The purple and green on inside is my absolute favorite. great job. Tara

  5. These are fun looking bags. Thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts Bag It.


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