Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jumbo Dresden Plate Table Topper

I made a super sized Dresden Plate table topper for our kitchen table. I wanted to make it scrappy in batik fabrics, but needed a large enough piece of fabric to make 2 blades in each fabric, so only a few fabrics actually came from the scrap bag. I love how it turned out and Mr. P. says it's his favorite topper ever! It went together fairly quickly too. I free formed quilted it.

This would also be a great size for a Christmas tree skirt.

This is large and hard to photograph on the table because I cannot get a good enough photo on the table, so I tossed it on the rocks on the side of the house.

The center I appliqued down with a blanket stitch and then drew 2 circles to stitch with decorative stitches in the center. The center fabric is a royal purple, but looks more blue here because purple just doesn't photograph well. 

Here the center did photograph more purple.

Placing this on a white background helped bring out the truer colors.

I used a variegated thread to quilt this. The quilting shows up more on some fabrics than others.

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  1. Daryl that's lovely - I was going to ask you details about what ruler you used, but then I noticed your labels and I looked up the template :D I recently bought a small (8") ruler to do a Halloween project I spotted on Pinterest - my friend has the long ruler and I'm waiting to see her so I can scope out her ruler, HAHA.

  2. What a great idea to super size the Dresdens! This would make a beautiful table topper (and in fact you did!)! I really need to make a Dresden Plate quilt. On my list, but have yet to get there. You did a beautiful version and the quilting is very fun and wonderful!

  3. I love the variegated thread you used! What a fun festive addition!

  4. Your topper looks so lovely.

  5. If I were ever to sew a Dresden this is just what I would like to make...a table topper. How fun it would be to use seasonal fabrics and colors and change them out often. Another great project from you Daryl Dear...<3

  6. You did a beautiful version and the quilting is very fun and wonderful!


    1. Thank you Roth for all of your nice comments on several posts of mine. You are a no-reply so I couldn't email you personally. Hope you return :0)

  7. what a great topper for your round table, I love the batik and the jumbo size. the large size gives a whole new look to the Dresden plate. great job and I think the purple center really gives it extra sparkle.

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