Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Daryl's Drive & Brandt's Blvd. Wallet to Match

I was commissioned to make a Daryl's Drive handbag after a woman I know saw mine. I used a colorful floral fabric for mine and she wanted something bright and colorful too. So I had picked out a nice fabric grouping and then I got a call from her that she had seen a hot air balloon fabric at one of the quilt shops and wanted the balloon fabric instead. Luckily I hadn't cut out anything yet, so I went out and purchased the hot air balloon fabric and bought some extra fabric for me too. This woman also had shown me her leather wallet that was falling apart and I mentioned I could make her a wallet too, but she didn't say anything (maybe she didn't hear me?). I decided I would make her a wallet and tell her she did not need to purchase it as I could sell it if she didn't want it, but after seeing it she bought them both. I think she was very pleased with them and I hope she uses them too. She told me the handbag was too pretty to use and I told her to use it because it was meant to be used, lol!

Both the Daryl's Drive and the Brandt's Wallet patterns are ChrisW Design patterns from her Easy Street Collection, that is why Drive and Blvd. are in the names. And Daryl is named after me (I was one of the testers) and Brandt was named after Marilyn (her last name was used and she is also a tester).

Daryl's Drive Handbag

The woman who purchased this bag used to be a nurse and I had just the right amount of this nurse/doctor fabric to line the bag with. 

The back of the bag.

Cell phone or keys pocket on the back.

Brandt's Blvd. wallet to match.

There is a detachable wrist strap, which you can remove when using as a wallet in your bag. But if you only want to carry a few things and not a purse you can have your credit cards, ID, cash, coins and even your cell phone will fit in a cell phone pocket in this wallet and the wrist strap makes it easy to carry.

They do make a nice pair.

The wallet fits so nicely inside too!

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  1. This is really a beautiful bag set, Daryl! Nice job!

  2. Good morning maker of all things beautiful --

  3. Cute bag Daryl! It looks like you granted her every wish and then some. Isn't that nurse fabric adorable.

  4. ...so I went to the store to buy the fabric and bought some for me too...this sounds so familiar. I love that you and Marilyn have purss patterns named after yourselves. This is a wonderful set.

  5. Fabulous purse and wallet set! You were very smart to make the set and offer them to your client. Love the cheerful and fun fabrics. Of course how could you not buy a smidge extra fabric when you were already at the quilt store?!! Lovely gift set also...Christmas will be here very soon. Summer Sunshine Bliss Dear...<3

  6. I always find myself looking for the little details you add to your projects. Love the balloons as you know (and the nurse/doctor fabric is hilarious), and the pop of red is very splashy. Tell me about the button trim on the bag - is that just a plastic or felt flower sewn onto a normal button?

  7. That is so cute! It makes me think that maybe I need a matching bag and wallet.

  8. great job, the fabric is adorable. the round bottom of the bag reminds me of hot air balloons. As an RN I think the inner fabric is a hoot. The details of your work is always so impressive. I love that someone commissioned a bag from you.


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