Thursday, July 6, 2017

Katie's Crossbody Bag

I purchased this pattern called Katie's Crossbody by Same Bag Co. on It looked so cute and was a nice shape with credit card slots inside and a slip pocket on the back of the bag. It was easy to sew, except not enough pictures or instruction for doing the credit card slots, so I messed up something there as I wasn't sure quite how to do it because of the lack of pictures and instructions in that section. So I ended up having to add a trim to the top of the card pockets in order for it to fit in the bag. But I do like everything else about this bag and pattern. I will need to figure out how to do the credit card slots my way and then I will make another bag. I do hope she updates her pattern to include better instructions for the card slots though because it will sure help her pattern to be better. Just giving an honest review here.

The front of the bag has a nice shape to it.
The back of the bag has a slip pocket.

Inside are credit card slots and because I didn't quite get this right, I had to adjust it and add trim to the top so it would fit inside the bag. There are supposed to be more slots than this.

Back slip pocket .
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  1. Another beautiful bag, Daryl. I love the colors in this one.


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