Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lombard Street Bag

I was commissioned to make a bag that would hold an iPad and a cell phone (and a few other things of course) by a friend who is a former co-worker of mine. I emailed her some photos of The Lombard Street Bag that I had made 3 years ago and other bags that I thought would also work. The Lombard Street Bag was the one she went with. She wanted burgundy and gray. I brought in all of my burgundy colored fabrics for her to choose from and told her I would choose a gray that went well with it. I also chose a lighter gray print for the lining. She wanted this bag for a trip she was taking so she had a place to hold her iPad and phone, etc. She's not going on her trip until September, but told me she is already using this bag.

This bag is made with Soft and Stable foam stabilizer, which is great for cushioning the iPad pocket. The Lombard Street bag pattern is ChrisW Design pattern. It's loaded with pockets too!

FYI: This is my 900th posting since I began my blog in 2008!
The front of the bag has 3 pockets, one is a zippered pocket.

3 front pockets.

A recessed zippered closure to keep everything secured inside the bag. Can you see the zipper pull on the right for the hidden zippered pocket? One of the pockets has another pocket for your Smart Phone

Inside there are slip pockets and I always like to divide the pocket in the center for a pen pocket. 

This back pocket is for holding your iPad. It's nice and cushioned with the Soft and Stable stabilizer that's used.

Side view.

Zipper pull I made for the iPad pocket.

The strap is adjustable to wear across your body. Here is the back iPad pocket in front just to show you the scale of the bag.

Here is is worn with the front of the bag showing.

I also wanted to make a couple of little zipper pouches from the leftover fabrics. A friend of mine gave me this pattern for the Zippety Bags (from Bella Nonna patterns) and I wanted to make some of these, so I made the smallest and the one up from that too. The pattern includes 5 sizes. You can sew them two ways: one with the raw edge of the fabric against the sipper or you can finish the edge so it's not raw. I made one of each. I included these with the Lombard Street Bag. The smallest one is handy for holding coins or earbuds, the larger one could hold cords, batteries and recharging plug-ins or whatever she wants for her trip.
The smallest bag on the right I made with enclosing the raw edges. The one just a bit larger on the left I sewed with a raw edge, using a fancy zigzag stitch. These were fast to sew, especially the raw edge method.

They look like an "S" when unzipped. I did add some zipper pulls after I took these photos.
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  1. Love the bag and the little zipper pouches! The detail of the diagonal pockets is great too! Cute "handmade" zipper pull is a nice touch!


  2. Great bag for traveling and keeping computer and phone and accessories. You really do the very best with each detail of padding and zippers and compartments to hold everything. Those "S" baglets are unique and look like fun to create. Happy Bag Making Dear...

  3. what an amazing bag looks so complicated to make and the mini purses too. Congrats on your 900th bog that is certainly a lot of blogging afraid I seem to have lost my blogging mojo for now and just reading other blogs rather than updating my own so no way I will ever get to 900!

  4. Your bags always look so professional, nice work. Those little bags are adorable, I've not seen the pattern before.

  5. what a perfect name for that bag. It looks like a great design, very functional she will love it. it was very creative of you to add the little zipper pouch as well. Happy 90th!! That is quite an accomplishment.
    of course your little handmade charm is perfect. great color choices as well. Well done.

  6. First of all, major congrats on the 900th blog post... I figure if I blog for another fourteen and a half years, I'll get close! (We'll have to give you a big party for your 1,000th!) Great job on the Lombard bag; I've always liked the grey and burgundy combo myself. Tell me, when you finish making a bag like this for someone, do you ever feel any reluctance in letting go of it?

  7. Wow, very lovely! I really like your fabric/color combination, especially how your mixed them for the front pockets.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Maggie. You are a no-reply, so I couldn't email you directly, but I appreciate the comment.


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