Thursday, July 7, 2016

Four Splendid Applique Blocks

I made four of the Splendid Blocks while sewing with a friend one day. I chose to make a few of the applique blocks. I enjoy the applique blocks better than the pieced blocks. I think it's because these are 6" finished blocks and some of those pieced blocks have such tiny pieces that I just can't seem to sew them very well to where they look good. Some of the pieced blocks came out looking okay that I made and a couple were so wonky and not square at all, that I decided I would work on the blocks I liked the best from now on. I certainly am not going to make a quilt using all 100+ blocks anyhow. In fact, I am not sure what I will do with the all blocks that I do make. I suppose I will wait and see how many blocks I end up making before deciding what to do with them.
Wouldn't having a pink sewing machine be fun? Why is it that most sewing machines come in white, black and tan instead of fun colors? I know a few of the newer Bernina's have Tula Pink or Ricky Tims designs on them, but I think we should have fun colors like when we buy a new car and get to choose a color we like. Some people are having their old Singer Featherweight machines painted, but they cost several hundred dollars to have them painted. Plus wouldn't that negatively affect the resale value of the Featherweights by painting them? You know what Antique Roadshow appraisers say about cleaning or refinishing furniture and other things: don't! It always makes the value go down when you alter them. 

I am showing how this flower block would look on point here.

This is how the flower block looks not on point. I prefer it on point, but it depends on whether I will use it with the other blocks or not. If I use this one alone, I will add setting triangles so it will be on point.

I like this cute like potted flower. I used rickrack instead of fabric for the stem.

This cute little bunny in his jacket reminds me of Peter Rabbit.

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  1. Hi Daryl --
    All very nice -- I love using rickrack in my applique work too.
    fyi - Bernina Record still chugging along!

  2. I was in Joann's the other day and they had a few Singer machines in different colors (pink, yellow, and aqua--all very pretty and candy-colored). I was really drawn to the pink one, but they were very basic, and since I already have multiple sewing machines I obviously didn't purchase one. But if ten years ago they had those--I'd have been hard-pressed to upgrade from my first little machine if it was pink.

  3. your applique skills are perfect! i like how you use ric rac as stem, brillant!
    the rabbit is my favorite. so cute! :)
    i also think it will be good if they have sewing machine in many colors, more choices. :)
    what color will you pick?

  4. Adorable blocks, Daryl. I love the batik flower and ric rac stem.

    I agree with you about painting the feather weights...but would be ok if it was in bad condition anyway.

  5. I love them, you did a great job and of course the embellishments make them a Daryl original. the ric rac stem is a wonderful touch and the French knots make the flowers pop. great job.

  6. Oh how cute these blocks are! Love your hand-stitched details :*). I have often thought the same thing about machine colors Daryl - wouldn't you think the manufacturers would get a clue that their buyers are primarily women who LOVE color??? I'd love to paint my featherweight some day - I just have too many other things to spend my $$$ on right now.

  7. Great appliqué blocks. Hard to believe they are only 6 inches. I adore the sewing machine and yes it would be fun to have colors. I agree about the value after painting a Featherweight. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  8. Daryl, these are so pretty. Love how you embellished them.

  9. The sewing machine is my very favorite...but all are just so wonderfully done!!

  10. I am just getting into applique work and I love it. Your work is very good and I love the whimsical style.

  11. Splendid is the right word to describe your blocks. I particularly love your purple flower.
    I agree, having colorful sewing machine would be fun!

  12. Love all the blocks. I really like the idea of using the rick rack as the flower stem. I thought my fav was the sewing machine then the flower pot but I the bunny won. Thanks for sharing


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