Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Polka Dot Tote

This tote was sort of made backwards. You see I wanted to make a lining for a tote bag that I had knit and felted. I thought I had measured things correctly to make a lining, but I am not quite certain how to go about measuring the inside of the knit tote so that it when I sew the lining it will fit exactly. Well obviously the lining did not fit the knit tote bag. I didn't want the lining to go to waste, so I measured the lining and then tried to figure out the measurement for the outside of the bag in order to make the exterior. It worked out and I made this bag. Is it practically perfect in every way? No, but it is useful and looks nice. I wouldn't recommend making a bag in reverse order without a clear pattern though, lol!

I added pockets all around the bag and the handles and side seams naturally divide the pockets.

This is the interior lining that I made first. I sewed this lining to a foam stabilizer.Then I made the exterior after this lining didn't fit my knit and felted bag.
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  1. Well that turned out cute!
    I once crocheted this adorable market bag in cotton yarn. It was meshy and stretchy as they usually are, and as I didn't sew yet or know a thing about it I decided to try to line it (stitching it by hand in my then-appalling hand stitches) so it could be a regular bag. It is near impossible to line a stretchy mesh bag in woven fabric in an agreeable fashion, so I stopped and left it. The lining was probably about the size of a card envelope when all was said and done, (or not done, haha).

  2. I'll say is pretty and very functional!

  3. The one and only time I knit and felted a bag: I think I laid the bag out as flat as possible and traced around it. I sewed the side seams and stuck it inside and re-sewed until I was happy with the fit. Then I folded down the top of the lining and hand-sewed in place.
    Awesome save on the tote bag.

  4. You had me at polka-dot! Is it by chance for sale?? As I know it's perfect for this here second grade teacher!!

  5. A great save Daryl and I know from experience that sewing the outside to fit a lining isn't easy. The foam stabilizer doesn't allow for adjustments, does it? LOL You would never guess that's what happened because your bag looks so professional, like they always do!

  6. You are very clever to not waste such fun polka dot fabric. No matter which order you made your tote...it turned out fabulous. Brilliant how the handles form the pocket divisions. Great Save Dear...

  7. I'm in love with the lining, I would smile every time I put something into the tote. The polka dots are a great fabric also. I am impressed you even tried to make a tote backwards, it all fits perfectly. I know what you mean about getting linings to fit for felted garments it can be tricky. great job on the tote.

  8. Nice save! I'm not sure I would have put all that time into saving it. But look what you got for your perseverence. Your tote looks great.

  9. Your 'reversed order' bag turned out to be a beautiful bag. I love how you made the outside pockets.
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. I wish you a beautiful Sunday!


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