Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Quilted Fruit & Vegetable Fabric Jacket

Another project I started years ago and never finished. I pieced and quilted the fabric first then washed the fabric and then cut out the jacket pieces to make the jacket. I like the fabric and the quilting and the look of the jacket, but I do not like how this jacket fits. It's not the comfy jacket I thought it was going to be. Kind of like when I knit something and it doesn't turn out how I expected it to. At least with the yarn I can rip it out and use it again, but the only thing I can do is cut this up and make some bags. I already made a few zipper pouches from the leftovers before the jacket was ever finished and I like those bags. I think I will put this away and see if I like it any better when it turns cold again.
This jacket was made with a variety of fruits and vegetable fabrics and pink and white fabrics.

The back of the jacket.
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  1. the jacket is adorable it reminds me of the sweatshirt jackets a lot of us have made. I'm sorry to hear it doesn't fit well, we've all made garments or projects that just don't' work out and its so frustrating. its especially hard with a garment because you really can't tell how it will fit until your done. I appreciate you sharing projects that don't work as well as all your successes. I love that fruit and veggie fabric.

  2. B E A U T I F UL !!!!!! Great combination of fabrics. Love it !!!!!!

  3. You are so close to being finished and this looks wonderful. I think it is perfect to wear to those early morning Farmer's Markets to buy fruits and vegetables. You will be the hit of the event.

  4. How frustrating that it didn't turn out as you'd imagined. I think your idea of putting it away for a bit and reevaluating later is a great one.

  5. That is a pretty neat jacket!!! Hey Darryl can you check it again to see if it is still no reply? Nancy

  6. Well, darn! That's frustrating!!! I think that's why I don't do more wearables. A quilt is "one size fits all" while a jacket has to be fitted to me or the intended wearer. It's a lovely jacket and will make lovely bags if you decide to cut it up :)

  7. Wow, Daryl. It is too bad you are not happy with how it feels on you because that is a lot of work.


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