Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Mamma Size Manhattan Bag

This is the April bag for the Bag-of-the-Month Club, called The Manhattan Bag and was designed by Janelle of Emmaline Bags. I love the shape of this bag. I wanted to do something fun on the flap, so I appliqued a flower to the flap and added a few embellishments. I really like how this bag came out and I like the size of the Mamma, which is the larger of the two, the other is the Miss size. Here is my version of the bag:
I used a Guatemalan style fabric for the bag.
The pink around the flap is a zipper. The flap unzips into a pocket. The pattern also included an eyeglasses case that you can make and Velcro into the flap pocket. I didn't make the case, but this pocket is also handy for holding other things too.
I created an appliqued flower for the flap. I used a variegated thread the stitch the flower in place. I added some orange paint to the pink flower, sewed an aqua felt piece that I dyed with Kool Aid, added a few embroidered touches and some buttons.
The back of the bag has a zippered pocket.
There is a slip pocket inside.

The strap is adjustable. Under the flap is a slip pocket. So there are 4 pockets in all.

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  1. Your bag turned out beautifully, Daryl. Love all of the extra detail. I have yet to start mine but I think I may have to make both sizes.

  2. What a beautifull bag you made. :-) Love it.

  3. It's a beautiful work of art, Daryl. You had some very good ideas and brilliant execution! I'm still waiting for my ideas to come...:) They will. In the meantime, I sure am enjoying yours!

    I know you've talked about Kool-Aid dyeing before--I was wondering if the color will hold up during washing? Just curious!


  4. I really love all of the embellishment you used here, Daryl. Beautiful bag!

  5. Daryl,you always make such wonderful works of art and this bag is no exception. Well done!

  6. Beautiful! You always add beautiful art to your bags. I love the fabric too. And Kool Aid? Just learned something new.

  7. Hi Daryl, we LOVE the Mamma Size Manhattan Bag ! The Guatemalan fabric is fabulous, and the pink flower really makes the bag "pop". What a wonderful work of art. You are very talented !
    Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl

  8. Daryl, your handbag is a work of art. I love Emmaline's designs. My Mom was the purse lady, and I inherited all her supplies. This looks like a really fun pattern to personalize.

  9. You've really mastered this bag making thing...lookin' good, no great! Love it!

  10. Great bag, love the flower, it's beautiful :-)

  11. That bag is beautiful!! I love your flower creation! I am still deciding what size to make...the bigger the bag the more junk I carry, but I don't want it to be too small for all my treasures either!! Oh decisions, decisions!!



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