Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fabric Postcards Galore!

I started making a lot of postcards last year. I made several then got bored and put them away. I finally got them out to finish some appliques and then satin stitch the edges. I donated a dozen of the postcards to the Sisters (Oregon) Outdoor Quilt Show to be sold or if any of them are frame worthy, some might be framed and auctioned off. The proceeds benefit The Make a Wish Foundation and the quilt show to help with running the show. After I donated the dozen I had finished, I decided to finish the rest of them. So there are a lot of them and some are the same appliques, but done in different fabrics. All cards measure 4" x 6", except the apples are larger.

The apples are a little larger than the other postcards.

Can be looked at this way or...
...turned like this.

I need to add some paint to this card to make the flower pop more.

I think this one needs some paint to enhance the flower. I might add the paint later.
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  1. I love all your postcards, especially the flip flop cards, maybe because I wear flip flops all the time! They are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are all so cute! I like your rounded edges....I'll have to try that.

  3. these are amazing and such fun designs. I also like that you rounded the corners. So, how did you finish them? do you use batting and cardstock or do you use timtex sort of batting? They look great and they brighten peoples day to get them. You have inspired me to make some more. I really love the polka dot background and the cupcakes, so cute. I can see how even a simple apple can just pop on something the size of a postcard. well done.

  4. Have you ever tried to mail one? I know people who have mailed unusual things and they've gone through the mail fine, but I wonder how the postage stamp works with fabric? I wonder if you could stitch it on and it still be legal? I haven't made any postcards yet but I have gotten all the elements together and then like you I lost interest...I may have to look for them again!! I may have to mail one to you!!

    Your post cards are beautiful!! I love the cupcakes...perfect for a birthday!


  5. They all look the cupcakes!

  6. A wonderful pile of mail art, Daryl. Sweet and cute subject matters, each ready to brighten someone's day. That silly snowman jumped out at me. But every design is supper cute. You really did get on a kick for making these. I SO understand that delightful kick! LoL

    1. Thank you Annie! I have plenty of postcards now to mail out as I need them.

  7. How fun to finish all these fabulous postcards. You are such a generous sweetie to donate to the Sisters Quilt Show. Fabric postcards are really fun to mail and receive. Creative Postcard Bliss...

  8. Awesome postcards, Daryl. I especially like the cupcakes and the thongs (flip flops).

  9. Those are all sew cute. You did a great job. I need to make some for my sorority auction.
    I put all my stuff away and keep thinking I'll make more but haven't yet. It's on my project list so may I'll get some made.
    Thanks for sharing yours

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  11. Wow, you've made a lot! They're all beautiful. I particularly love the ones with a cupcake.


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