Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Fabric Vases

Now that the Contain It! book blog hop is over, I wanted to share some more fabric vases that I made. These were fun to make and addicting too. I wanted to try making some other shapes and bases. There is still time to have a chance at winning the Contain It! book by making a comment on the blog hop posting here. I will choose a winner on the 24th.
This is the medium size concave vase with a square base. I had a small piece of this Southwestern fabric, so it was perfect to use for this vase because I didn't need much fabric for the outside of the vase.
The interior fabric is a hand dyed fabric.
My husband really liked this vase because he loved the fabrics. So it's on his dresser now.
This is the large convex shape with a diamond base.
It looks best photographed at this angle, otherwise you can't tell that it's on a diamond base.
Another large convex vase but this one is on a square base.
Outside is a batik fabric.

Looking down inside the vase.

Another large convex shape this time with a hexagon base, which is my favorite combination. 
I chose this birthday fabric because I thought it would be fun to use for birthdays and place a glass vase inside and fill it with flowers. for whoever has a birthday. Birthdays in our family are in May, June, October and November. 
A nice yellow polka dot interior.
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  1. Your vases are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your creativity.I think I have to buy that book.

  2. Wow, they are fun! Lovely work!!


  3. Do you think these are strong enough to use as storage containers. I'm loving the.

  4. The convex shape on the hexagon shape is my favorite, too. What a cute idea to use a birthday vase.. The
    y are beautiful, Daryl.

  5. Hello Daryl,
    I hope all is well with you. I'm sorry I've been missing but I've been super busy and no time for crating or blogging:( WOW! your vases are so beautiful and perfect. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  6. Wow fantastic vases Daryl! Have a great week!

  7. Hi Daryl,
    I'll try again I don't know why my comments didn't' show up the first time. I love the vases and in particular the one with the SW fabric. They are all quite stunning. I'm not sure how long these take to make but I would bet they would be very popular at blue portal.
    great job I can't wait to see them up close.

  8. These fabric vases are amazing!!! Gorgeous fabrics!!!! I'm going to have to take a closer look at how they are constructed, intriguing!!!

  9. Wow! You have done an AMAZING job with these!! I'm so happy that you've had a good time making them!!

  10. Spectacular! And even though your other half has claimed one of them as his own and you have a use for the "birthday" themed vase, I rather wonder now about you being overcome by vases that you'll have to give away or sell! But since they are beautiful and unusual, I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to receive one as a gift. :-)

  11. Those are impressive and fun. I really liked the birthday one.
    Nice job

  12. These vases are such an original and beautiful idea! I would love to make a few myself!

  13. Unfortunately due to time constraints I could not come to visit you before, I could not join the giveaway :(..... but I can admire your beautiful creations. These vases are terrific, I always enjoy your works of art. Beautiful job Daryl, thank you for the inspiration that you bring us with each one of your creations. Love them all !!!!!!!!

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