Monday, April 22, 2013

Kitty Kat Pincushion

Remember the posting where I showed the Kitty Kat pincushion that I found the FREE pattern online? It was designed by Sue Daniel. I made the pincushion using hand dyed wool felt that I purchased at a quilt show a couple of years ago. It came out cute. I did some of the sewing my way because I usually have my own way of doing things and don't always follow instructions the way they are written. Perhaps because I have been sewing for so long, I have found easier and better ways to do some things.
Patchouli Moon studio
I added colorful pins on the burgundy wool cushion, so it's all ready to use.
Patchouli Moon studio
Side view shows the different section of the cat.
Patchouli Moon studio
Maybe it's not polite to show the rear view? Lol.
Patchouli Moon Studio
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  1. Love you kitty cat! When you showed it last time I downloaded it myself too, but haven't made it yet. His backside looks nice too, such a perky butt...
    Going to look my pattern up now and make one too. Thanks for sharing (both times) and have a wonderful day!

  2. I think this is the cutest pincushion I ever saw!!

    1. ME TOO!!! My words exactly....with the addition of: THAT is just sooo stinking cute!!!

  3. What an adorable kitty. Cute back side too. LOLL

  4. What an adorable little pin cushion! I love it made up in wool!

  5. Hi Daryl, I'm getting up to date with your posts ( I'm so behind on my messages) I want to tell you that all your creations are beautiful!!!! Congratulations for being featured on Pam's blog. Congratulations also for being one of the lucky winners of the fabric bundle from Fabri-Quilt. To finish my post, this cat is beautiful, I looooove it, as always visit your blog is a source of inspiration!!!Marisa.

  6. OMG! way to sticking cute Daryl!! These would make great Christmas gifts:) Love it

  7. Too cute. I pinned or saved the pattern link last time so I could make it one day in the future.


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