Friday, April 12, 2013

The Quilter's Valise

My friend Pam of Pam Wolf Designs  designed this Quilter's Valise to hold quilting tools like rulers, small cutting mat, rotary cutter, and more. There's even a pocket to hold a bottle of water on the side. I was her pattern tester for this bag. Now that she has this pattern for sale in New Mexico quilt shops and online on her website, I can show you the Quilter's Valise that I made to test her pattern~
The back of the Quilter's Valise. I chose to make the Sunbeam block instead of the Drunkard's Path block that Pam includes in the instructions.
Inside the valise there are 2 small pockets and one large pocket. The zipper is recessed and it's optional to sew in the zipper, but Pam has very thorough instructions so you should try it.
This if the front of the Valise with lots of pockets. This is where something went wrong  for me and I do not know if I read something wrong or what, but Pam made corrections and made this very understandable now. You see I was supposed to add some space under each flap, which would have made the row top row of flaps higher and it was supposed to get sewn into the seam where my yellow/green fabric strip is at the top of the bag.  See Pam's Valise in the last photo so you can see how it is supposed to look. So I had to fudge a bit to make it work. I made one change on purpose and that was to round the corners of the pocket flaps. Pam's pocket flaps are not rounded.
The back of the valise with a Sunbeam quilt block that I made instead of the Drunkard's Path block that Pam includes in her instructions. You could also choose to make more pockets here on this side as well instead of making a quilt block.
This is Pam's Quilter's Valise. See how her pocket flaps go all the way to the top where the black fabric strip is? That's how mine should have looked.  That's why she needed a pattern tester so any problems could be worked out before she got her pattern printed for sale. Pam loves to use Chile fabric and it's part of her logo too~
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  1. Looks like a great bag, and who does not like making them.

  2. I love your bag. The back is really pretty and I love all those pockets on the front. Good job you tested it out for her I checked her photo on her blog as there wasn't one showing up on your blog.

  3. This is one great bag. It would be a wonderful bag for traveling too. Just love all those pockets. So many large totes do not have zippers--another plus for that pattern. Will stop by her site.

  4. Daryl, great job with this bag. Lovely colors and it looks like a great size too.

  5. Daryl, This looks like a really nice bag to add to anyone's "bag collection" and as usual "GREAT JOB"! Bobbie SIA

  6. WOW, I want one like this!!! I love the colors, great choice of fabric!!!! You did a nice job like always! Marisa.


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