Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Savannah Bag Made Smaller

I posted last week about the Savannah bag I made that was a pdf pattern from Chris W. Designs and that's the bag I use to hold my lap top and stuff for my lap top because it is a large bag with lots of pockets. Well I got to thinking how much I liked certain aspects of this bag and thought why not reduce the size and put in fewer pockets so I could use it as my everyday bag/purse. That's just what I did. This is the smaller version of the Savannah bag. 
I quilted the batik flap and the blue fabric that I hand dyed last summer. I made a few adjustments to this bag, one being I didn't need the pen pocket or the slanted pockets. I made the hook strap longer and the flap all one piece, but shorter.
Back of the bag I made the zippered pocket and measured the placement correctly on this bag, lol.
Inside the bag I have the patch pocket and plenty of room for my wallet, sunglasses case,  reader eyeglasses case, my handy strawberry bag, tissues and more.
After I showed this bag to my daughter, she said, "Where's my bag"? She uses a messenger style bag that's smaller than this one that she purchased a few years ago. Her bag is showing some wear and my Savannah Junior size is so much better looking than her bag and is roomier too. So I guess I will be making another junior-sized Savannah bag in colors that she chooses.
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  1. I love your bag Daryl! Great adjustment to make it fit your needs :*) Of course your daughter needs one too!

  2. This bag is perfect, and the batik is beautiful!

  3. Nice fabric choices. The size is perfect. I like it a lot.

  4. I love your bag Daryl! So roomy and easy to see into. For me the hardest thing is finding my stuff in my bag. LOL Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas

  5. Your new bag version is teriffic, Daryl! It has a great opening to see where everything is.

  6. Love your new version Daryl and love the quilting on the blue and flap:) Love roomy bags! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  7. Brilliant idea to make it smaller. Worked out beautifully and it still looks quite roomy. Love the fabrics and quilting.

  8. I really like this version of the Savanna bag, this seems to be a bag with plenty of room for storage, I love this!! Thanks for sharing with us the photos of the bag after having changed the size of this bag. I like the fabric you've used, you've done another beautiful creation!!
    Love it, love it and love it!
    Marisa from

  9. I love the shape of the bag and it looks to be a good size for everyday use, yet still roomy. A zippered pocket on the back of a bag is a must for me. Oh and your quilting just finishes it off perfectly.

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    2. Hi Daryl, I've featured your small Savannah Bag today... Threading Your Way Features

  10. Love the big bag so much, and this smaller one is fabulous too. Well done!



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