Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cable Knit iPad Cover

I knit this iPad cover for my daughter's iPad. I don't own an iPad.  I added a Celtic button as she loves all things Irish.
The knit stretches a bit for a perfect fit.
The colors of the yarn seem to change when photographing them. The cover is a burgundy wine color.
iPad with a sweater.
If you want to knit your own iPad cover you can find the free instructions from Haramis Knits.
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  1. I love cable knits and the colour is to pretty.

  2. Very pretty. I love anything with cables.

  3. Great idea and a super look but I have a question.. do you ever sleep? You are so productive.

  4. This is a beautiful cover! I really like the idea of ​​making a wool cover for the ipad, soft and at the same time protects the ecran ipad. I also like the color of the wool.
    You did a nice job, thanks for sharing!
    Marisa from

  5. The button goes great with the cables.

  6. Oh WOW! this is such a beautiful cover, you should totally make some and sell them on your etsy shop especially when mostly everyone has a iPad:)

  7. Oooh, I love this. Great color and beautiful knitting!



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