Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stella Pleated Bag

Samantha from At Home With Mrs. H. designed this Stella Pleated Bag and sells it as a pdf download at her Etsy store. It's a medium sized bag, not too large and not too small. You can make this bag with an adjustable strap or a fixed strap like I made. The bag is really great looking and closes with a magnetic snap. Inside there is a zippered pocket and a slip-in pocket. 

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for the perfect bag (for me). I sometimes want and need a medium sized bag like this and sometimes I need to schlep around more things and need a larger bag. Over the years I have wanted and needed different sized bags, like when my children were small or when I am traveling I need to have a larger bag. I still haven't found the perfect bag for all my changing needs, so that's why I like to make and use all kinds and sizes of bags. We all have different tastes in terms of style too. I am more of a hobo style bag person I suppose. I like simple but practical bags that look good and hold what I need. The Stella Pleated bag is a shape that I really like and the medium size does work for me, but there are times when I could use a slightly larger bag too. 

I really love the look of the Stella Pleated Bag. The flap was a perfect place to add an applique or a bit of embroidery.
 The bag in this photo contains my wallet and eyeglass case and coin purse, so you can see it is more rounded with things inside of the bag.
This is a photo of the bag when it is empty.
This is the Stella Pleated Bag shown with the adjustable strap. It's the photo on the cover of the pdf  pattern that Samantha sells.
The felt applique heart with embroidery that I added to the flap.
Inside the bag there are 2 pockets.
What I like about the Stella Pleated Bag~
  • The nice rounded shape of the bag
  • The pleats give a nice look
  • The flap is a nice way to close the bag with a magnetic snap, plus you can jazz it up a little with an applique or embroidery
  • The instructions are written with both cm and inches
  • You can choose an adjustable strap or a fixed one
  • The inside zippered pocket is optional, but it was so easy to make
  • The fleece adds a nice feeling to the bag
There was a part of the bag instructions that was a bit confusing to me, but I think it could have been the wording that threw me or something lost in translation? The difference of American English versus British English can mean different things or be interrupted differently I suppose. I am sure Samantha would help you out if you needed any additional help with making any of her patterns.
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  1. great job, the purse is very attractive, i too love the pleats and yours are so even. i appreciate your very detailed discription of what you thought about the bag. i wish the writer of the pattern much success as well.
    i think the added embroidery really makes it stand out.

  2. It looks like a great bag, Daryl. You've done a beautiful job with it. It doesn't show at all that you hit a confused wall. Well done.

  3. Great job on the Pleated Bag. I like a lot of different size bags too.

  4. Love your bag Daryl and your personal touch to the flap. I'd love to make another one. Both the clutch and the bag were bought from me before I could use them.

  5. Hi Daryl, This bag is beautiful, I like the design and I also like the detail you've given with the addition of the applique. Thanks for the summary about all the features of the bag is an original model and the size is perfect for me.
    I like the color, the pleats, you did a nice job!! I'm going to visit Samanta 's Etsy shop, thank you for all the information.
    Have a nice day.
    Marisa from

  6. This bag looks amazing Daryl! When you said you'd had a few issues with the pleats I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it looks gorgeous and the pleats look perfect :) x

  7. Great purse! The flap detail works very well.

  8. Hi Daryl:) OMG! I've missed visiting!! OMG! after my son's flu I then got it really bad and put me out of work for about a week butI've back and excited to see what you are up to:) I bet your hubby loved those knitted soft socks huh?? OMG! this bag is beautiful! Very talented I tell you!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and enjoy the rest of your day:)

  9. your bag looks great! The applique is a great addition. I won one of Samantha's patterns (the Rosie Bag) and loved it so I bought this one too. She is incredibly helpful if you have any problems and I've struck up a bit of a bloggy friendship with her too!

  10. LOVE the flap detail Daryl....it really sets it off! Christine
    - ChrisW Designs


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