Monday, February 4, 2013

Knit and Felted Bag

I knit a bag using 4 strands of wool yarn held together as I knit. I had a blue, a yellow and 2 off -white  colors of yarn.
This is the bag after knitting, but before felting it.
I also knit a long I-cord with 5 stitches and 4 strands of yarn held together, for the strap.
This is the result after felting it in my washing machine and adding the handle to the bag. It came out a bit shorter in height than I wanted, and a bit wider in width, but you just never know how each yarn and project will felt until after it's been washed. The sunshine has lightened the colors a bit.
The colors are more true here in this photo. Looks a bit taller hanging on the door knob (and my shoulder).
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  1. great job, i particularly like how the i-cord felted, great idea for a handle.

  2. How cute is that bag Daryl ?!? I haven't felted anything yet but I plan to try it someday soon :*)

  3. Love it. It always amazes me how felting can make it so much nicer. I'd love to try this one day.

  4. WOW, Just beautiful!!!!
    I love your bag, you did a nice job!!! Love the colors also.

  5. I've just started experimenting with making felt and you've given me some new ideas, Daryl.


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