Monday, May 21, 2012

Thrift Store Find

I found this at a thrift store. It was the wooden part of one of those lap desks where a pillow is supposed to be attached on the other side. There were 6 large rough Velcro pieces on the other side of this wooden lap desk and the Velcro was stapled in place with a heavy duty staple.

I used the shape of the wooden lap desk to create this pillow and sewed the soft Velcro pieces to the fabric in order to attach the pillow to the Velcro that was on the desk. I stuffed this pillow with fabric scraps. It works great!
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  1. Hi Daryl, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Great find, I will have to start hitting those Thrift stores:)

  2. Good choice of fabric, Creative Woman !!!

  3. That's a really clever idea. I've been thinking about making one for myself.

  4. I looking to find my elderly mom one of these. Any chance this is for sale?


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