Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Susan!

My friend Susan's birthday is today. This is what I sent her~
This is the "gift wrapping" for the presents (below) that I made for Susan.

This is the fabric for the main body of the drawstring bag. Perfect fabric, isn't it?

This started out as a mug rug. I wanted to make wool felt appliques on a cotton fabric background. I added a felt wavy border but that wasn't quite right, so I added some rick rack and French knots on top of the rick rack. It still needed something and so I added the lace all around it. Now I am not sure if it would even work as a mug rug or a small placemat or a wall quilt? I suppose Susan will have to decide how to use it.

Closer look at the wool embroidered appliques.

And the no-calorie cupcake, with sprinkles on top.

Susan loves sea turtles and so I made this large turtle pincushion. I stuffed with poly stuffing and then added a lot of crushed walnut shells to weight it down. It could also be used as a toy for any future granchildren Susan might have.

Front view.

Belly view. I sewed my label on by hand as an after thought.

Top view. I added the button on top just for fun.
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  1. That is a very thoughtful gift. She will be so happy to get it, I'm sure.

  2. Lucky girl! What a sweet and FUN gift to receive. Beautiful!

  3. Special friends deserve special things and you did a super job! That really is the perfect birthday fabric for the bag--so cute!

  4. Daryl, I love the sea turtle. Did you have a pattern or did you make the pattern yourself? Great job on the birthday bag and mug rug.

  5. She's very lucky to have you as a friend. I've never seen fabric with Happy Birthday on it. Perfect. Love the drawstring bag, mug rug and turtle. She will be thrilled to bits I'm sure.

  6. Aww such a good friend and sweet you are Daryl!! Adorable and I', sure she will love it:)

  7. What a cute turtle. I like you "gift bag" I want do something like that one day. Whenever I decide to complete some projects. ;o)
    Thanks for sharing

  8. The mug rug and turtle are adorable...but I'm going to "steal" that draw string gift bag idea!!! (Smiles!)

  9. This is cute! I can get this for my little brother. We went to an exhibition last month which was in an event venue Atlanta. He saw some toys and handmade gifts there and he really liked it. I also am very interested in art and craft. Therefore, I was thinking about making one and giving it to him.


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