Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Susan!

My friend Susan's birthday is today. This is what I sent her~
This is the "gift wrapping" for the presents (below) that I made for Susan.

This is the fabric for the main body of the drawstring bag. Perfect fabric, isn't it?

This started out as a mug rug. I wanted to make wool felt appliques on a cotton fabric background. I added a felt wavy border but that wasn't quite right, so I added some rick rack and French knots on top of the rick rack. It still needed something and so I added the lace all around it. Now I am not sure if it would even work as a mug rug or a small placemat or a wall quilt? I suppose Susan will have to decide how to use it.

Closer look at the wool embroidered appliques.

And the no-calorie cupcake, with sprinkles on top.

Susan loves sea turtles and so I made this large turtle pincushion. I stuffed with poly stuffing and then added a lot of crushed walnut shells to weight it down. It could also be used as a toy for any future granchildren Susan might have.

Front view.

Belly view. I sewed my label on by hand as an after thought.

Top view. I added the button on top just for fun.
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  1. That is a very thoughtful gift. She will be so happy to get it, I'm sure.

  2. Lucky girl! What a sweet and FUN gift to receive. Beautiful!

  3. Special friends deserve special things and you did a super job! That really is the perfect birthday fabric for the bag--so cute!

  4. Daryl, I love the sea turtle. Did you have a pattern or did you make the pattern yourself? Great job on the birthday bag and mug rug.

  5. She's very lucky to have you as a friend. I've never seen fabric with Happy Birthday on it. Perfect. Love the drawstring bag, mug rug and turtle. She will be thrilled to bits I'm sure.

  6. Aww such a good friend and sweet you are Daryl!! Adorable and I', sure she will love it:)

  7. What a cute turtle. I like you "gift bag" I want do something like that one day. Whenever I decide to complete some projects. ;o)
    Thanks for sharing

  8. The mug rug and turtle are adorable...but I'm going to "steal" that draw string gift bag idea!!! (Smiles!)


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