Friday, August 8, 2008

Flower Wall Hanging

I started this in my applique group. It was supposed to be a table runner with the flowers equally spaced on the white background and the leaves around the flowers. But I didn't like how it was looking and since I have a round table anyhow, I decided to arrange the flowers differently and to add a stem and place the leaves along the stem. Then I found the perfect fabric (from my stash) for the border. I added some prairie points on 2 sides of the border for an embellishment. Big buttons with smaller buttons on top of them made the perfect flower centers. It's now hanging on the wall.
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  1. Those prairie points offer the perfect pop to this wallhanging. Inspired by seeing them used as an accent rather than a border. Thanks for rejuvinating this post Daryl!

  2. Nice. I like the touch of the buttons with the prairie points. Unique. Pretty quilt.

  3. HOw sweet! Thanks for sharing.


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