Monday, March 2, 2020

Sunshine Cross Body Bag in Orange Floral & Blue

This is the second Sunshine Cross Body Bag I made. It's a free pdf from Bagstock Designs. On this bag I added another zippered pocket on the back of this bag as well as the front, and a slip pocket inside too. I love this bright orange floral fabric with the green leaves and touch of blue, so adding the blue accent fabric with a tiny paisley print for the sides and strap went so well with the floral print.

This is the back of the bag with another zippered pocket.

Inside is a zippered pocket and the added slip pocket.

I used 3 fabrics to make this slip pocket, which includes a pen pocket division and a snap, since the rest of the pocket is wider.

Unsnapped pocket is wide.

I will be bringing this one with me to sell at a small craft show in the middle of the month. If you would like to buy it before I attend the show, please contact me.
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  1. Aha, so now your buyers will get a free pen with their purchase? Good on you for the entrepreneurial thinking! (And of course, the bag is colourful and fun as usual.)

  2. colors are perfection i love the way the big flower smiles at me when i look at it. it makes me long for the tropics. great job as always i'm sure this one will sell quickly.


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